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  • Summer must have sandals, you start cheap nikes it?

    Do not have a cool dress in the summer? This big summer, sandals just like ice cream is essential! Come and follow Xiaobian pick a pair of sandals for their own out of the waves! Straw sandals are wild single product ah, flat with the easy to fall with the American casual fell, join the high heel, slope with the straw sandals, added a woman's charming, but the foot fat sister carefully selected Oh, the foot type requirements Higher. I would like to ask which little girls do not black and white nikes like bow this single product ah, see this shoe, my brain only three words ah: buy! buy! buy! But also the feet of the baby's gospel ah! Butterfly elements easily transfer someone else's attention to your foot type of high-heeled day or tired, but this will not ah, cute cute also comfortable Oh, soft sister must ah. Shoes is definitely the core of the shoes products ah, all the big names of the stars, all in the summer chose the word with sandals. Really who wear who is beautiful, but the feet of the fat sister as far as possible to choose some of the band wide! More foot type! Completely no exaggeration, this pair of words with sandals this year I have bought three pairs of ah, different colors, different tape width, how to wear are good-looking, colleagues, a pair of basic feet ah!

    When the strap hit the word will be reflected in the horse, the absolute perfect combination of ah, the more simple the better straps, to avoid the big tie. So many summer must have some sandals you get get it? Style so much there is always a suitable for you, take the wages of the little fairy fast to prepare a few pairs nike air max women of their own, the United States and the United States over the summer. Click below More beautiful to share, can not miss.

    2017-06-25 20:33:05
  • So that men will be more and more nike shoes will be addicted to the small white shoes!

    Shoes, to a certain extent, highlight the taste of this person. nike factory store Although the location of the shoes is more subtle, but it is always quietly play their role. For a boy, the choice of shoes is very important. It's like a dress for a girl. Today, Xiao Bian want to give my fellow compatriots Amway some shoes, of course, the most important is a small white shoes! Small white shoes like a classic element of fashion, no matter where the street shot pictures, can see it that unique posture. Not only fashion people are very love small white shoes, we are very pet small white shoes. Although both you from the name or the first impression, the white shoes is white. But in this Datong white, the design of small white shoes is very careful machine. Small shoes shoes. To say that the most classic white shoes fear is the board shoes it! The characteristics of the wild atmosphere of the board shoes plus white fashion sense design, so you try the first time may be reluctant to take off. The breathable function of this shoe is also great.

    A pedal small white shoes. This small white shoes, the biggest highlight of the design is the heel of the heel color stitching and cable with the design, so that the whole shoes look stylish and not rigid. Pointed toe design more to increase the beauty of this shoe slope and the shoe curve design. Hollow small white shoes. So that you can switch from time to time lazy wind and casual wind is afraid of this one pedal small white shoes. Hollow design for the nike shoes sale breathable performance provides a great help, especially suitable for wear in the summer Increased heel design pen to avoid some of your little embarrassment. Small white shoes. This small white shoe upper is made of high quality first layer made of cowhide fabric. Round head of the toe design has increased the sense of this shoe curve. The texture of art, the possession of the traces of time, the whole shoe looks very fresh and simple.

    Shoes seems to have been men's shoes in the indispensable of a wild single product. Increased design can be very good to avoid small embarrassment. The closure of the elastic kobe shoes way to make this shoe looks different, if you also like it, then get it down! Velcro sports small white shoes. Perhaps you can try this Velcro sports small white shoes. Velcro design so that this shoe looks more to have a youthful atmosphere. Uppers of the pattern is also a more increase in the beauty of this shoe, the design is very careful Oh! Slim skin leather technology to increase the smoothness of this shoe uppers. Rubber sole material makes it more wearable. Black and white stripes designed to increase the fashion sense of shoes, put it on, a thick British wind naturally distributed out.

    Shoes most like, the most characteristic of the design lies in its five-pointed elements into the elements. Five-pointed star design so that the whole shoe in the fashion to enhance more than once. Style is also very wild, wear it out of the street is definitely a good choice!

    2017-06-22 20:27:45
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