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  • Different shoes, different character, different life.

    Do not know who to listen to, good shoes to take you the right way, so I began to pay attention to people's feet rather than simply face cheated. You go to the city to the money to the fastest, go to the fastest place to see, you will find all the standards here, standards, regulations, nike clearance boundaries are so vague. Only '' there is no absolute thing in this matter ', this sentence is absolutely correct. Slender high heels twisted to twist, no gentle and soft southern girls, no northern girl's bold and glamorous, only the same tone of the gestures and uniform exquisite makeup hair ornaments. High-heeled nike trainers uppers too little people misunderstood is not that profiteers even this point of leather materials should be saved, shining fake crystal to confuse the eyes of passers-by, in exchange for the height of the pad in the end is self-deception, they are also happy nike outlet The In this unprecedented pay attention cheap nike running shoes to the packaging and style of the times, I like a migrant workers sitting on the roadside seems to wear shoes, one by one like a walking athlete. Doctoral students cheap shoes, fashion models gaudy '' stilts '', Dingding famous fake text that gave me not to the sandals, and a variety of high imitation fake. I really do not know in the end is wearing a fake shoes hate or fake shoesman hateful. The original shoes used to install feet, in this era has a new use, installed more and more things, I finally understand that the importance of a shoe to a person, no less than a good mask.

    2017-07-19 20:07:50
  • This pair of shoes should be wild, what are good to wear it?

    Speaking of sports shoes, the general thought are in the gym sweat movement equipment, but sports shoes is not just a gym patent, at the foot of the stars people, but they can not lack the trend of a single product. But the sports shoes in the gym outside how to match more fashionable, then we look at those fashion tide how to play sports shoes. Gradually into the designer color library in the metal color not only act as bright, but also as a single element is widely used. Silver-gray shirt is very eye-catching, with metal-colored sports shoes for the overall shape of the highlights, to create a gorgeous street style. In the mix with the addition of metallic elements, to enhance the nike shox clearance texture of modeling, and sometimes try out the color of the surprise will not give the same surprise, do not be afraid to hold! Print dress with sports shoes mix and match looks dissonant, in fact, they are the so-called enemies, together with the collision can not be the same as the spark. If you are slightly fat, legs are not fine, but also want to wear trousers + sneakers, or try to wear pants, or put too long pants rolled up, revealing a little ankle or ankle bone. I suggest you wear long trousers and sports shoes with, we must reveal a little ankle - the legs of the smallest place to show nike outlet up, so as to show the legs fine! And light-colored sports shoes for the hearts of relatively soft sister, with light clothing or shorts T-shirt is a very good choice.

    ?To the MM show the legs of the season, shorts with sports shoes like fried with beer, that is perfect match. You do not think sports shoes can also be very lady? Long skirt with a sports shoes is a good demonstration, if you nike factory outlet are afraid of mistakes, then use accessories to echo sports shoes, bright color of the bag and hat with the same color of sports shoes, in order to make accessories more steal the spotlight, of course, clothing To select the partial color of a single product. If you are thin, legs are very thin and long, you can wear it, but if you are not thin, the legs are not fine is not long, so wear your legs on the legs, Will look very short and calf like radish. Body is not thin, the legs are not fine, you can choose shorts with sneakers, lengthening the legs line ah my dear ones. A pair of cowboy Siamese pants can be used with white sports shoes, was thin at the same time very nike sale retro

    Who said that leather can only match high heels, want to wear leather is not boring, then to double shoes, sports shoes with short leather and tight leather pants, whether you are a student or OL, this body can fight for you High retention rate. Light blue denim shirt, put on very temperament, lower body with a dark skirt, a pair of black shoes will look both sweet and cold. Like this style friends can try yo. High to help the shoes, whether it is sports shoes or boots, are not suitable for the legs of the hard naked legs to wear, which will make you show legs short, but with pants can wear nine pants, do not affect, and the best pants And the color of shoes almost, this set of LOOK on the use of black and white high-heeled shoes with black and white chess pants to create chaotic orderly visual effects.

    2017-07-18 20:08:29
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  • Give me a pair of good shoes, I can stepped on heaven
  • Excuse me, cheap nikes would like to ask where your little white shoes come from?
  • Woman, will you keep your high heels?
  • Driver "will not wear shoes" will be fined?
  • High heels the right way to wear, so easy to walk!
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