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  • Small white shoes so wild, this year is still obsolete?

    2015, the fashion circle without warning to blow a wave of small white shoes, few pairs of small white shoes are embarrassed to say that they are the trend icon. Today, the small white shoes have been nearly two spring and autumn, this white as everyone has a single product has been difficult to wear a different feeling, as if to give more sense is playing A kind of insurance card. However, this year, regardless of big names, are still still continue to launch their own small white shoes, we can see it has become a classic single product, out of date? Still early However, this year, with the frivolous fade, the complex wind swept from the small white shoes of the pattern has become more up, just to buy the reason you buy buy ah, a variety of styles of various colors of the white Shoes can be bought up ~ ~ selected high-quality cashmere for the upper material, soft and soft nike shoes on sale leather, feel comfortable and natural. Carefully crafted feet every inch of elegance and fashion. Fine cutting process, so that shoes become exquisite. In recent years, simple wind and all black nike shoes heat, this trend from the quarter of the toe fashion can be seen. Simple basic models for the choice of comfortable material, both durable and weary, pure texture is in line with the needs of young people. Ergonomic shoe design, dedicated to creating comfortable foot feel, to prevent grinding feet. According to the upper fabric texture, appearance and characteristics of the different flexible needle, straight stitch.

    Fit the foot of the human body design, so that the force of the toes evenly, long time walking is not tired. Finishing suture process, into the design, fashion, all in this few pen. Jeans you say it wild is also OK, you say it never out of date can, pants style will not bad street, the shape will not be exaggerated to the unacceptable. Tide people like to use it with shorts jacket jacket, creating a long leg ratio. Like this cowboy tail skirt is also very good to see, slightly spread the hem like a mermaid tail, it is suitable for short girls, and this nike clearance thin fabric is more lebron james shoes suitable for this summer Oh ~ high waist jeans are very long legs you know , This high waist jeans strap design so that the high waist is not so abrupt, but added a lot of fashion sense ~ dark blue cowboy in this summer is more white Oh ~ ~ pants of the length of the strap can be based on their own appropriate length And regulation, thin and thin, really very thin, belly also disappeared, exquisite simple back, even more of your temperament In short, according to the development of small white shoes this momentum, the short term is unlikely to obsolete , If you think your little white shoes are too common, try these full of design sense of small white shoes it ~ If the budget is enough, one day for a pair is not a dream

    2017-05-21 20:14:47
  • Wear on canvas shoes, seconds change fashion small fresh

    Spring come, canvas shoes at home to come. Canvas shoes has nike shoes always been girls favorite shoes, wild style, a variety of styles, let it in the footwear by the great welcome. Spring boots have picked up the canvas shoes to match the clothes, wild shoes coupled with our small shirt, a small sweater, a small cowboy, absolutely let you become the most fashionable little girl this spring. Fashion avant-garde clothes as long as we match the shoes, no matter where you are sacred, can win. A pedal leisure canvas shoes. Fresh college style, many girls will like a canvas shoes. A pedal version of the type, convenient and stylish. No shoelaces design looks simple and generous, high-quality canvas inside, soft texture, wearing comfortable, sweat and breathable shoes are comfortable Tibetan blue casual loose shoes. Within the increased version of the type was thin, if the foot is a little fat girls, this is a very good modification of the foot type, so you can have a pair of small feet. Hidden blue art retro, wild shoes look no matter what time will not be outdated. Rubber soles, wear and light, non-slip pattern design, really wear safety. Featured corduroy fabric, through the craftsmanship to make the upper texture. Uppers are not only durable and washable, it is stylish and beautiful. Classic lace design, easy to wear off, the trend of good ride Comfortable flat shoes real wear and has a tidal range, brown fashion and durable wear. With the design, casual wind is enough, the upper pattern and color with just right, wild shoes and sweater, jeans is black nike shoes a perfect match, how to take a tide sister is a. Very simple design, flat shoes really wear, exercise or go out on this pair of shoes will be very easy. Shoe Liangpi design is the highlight of the shoes, bright skin and canvas with a stylish effect, different from the general canvas shoes.

    Striped canvas shoes. Thick canvas shoes can modify the height, those who usually small little sister is not afraid of the small. Leather easy to clean, a rub can be white as new Shoe holes with metal texture, the old craft more classic fashion. With skirts or shorts will look good. High-quality high-level canvas production, breathable, comfortable feet. Velcro convenient fashion, and the general tie to distinguish. Thick cheap nike air max bottom modified legs, but also better with clothes, wine red retro art, all black nike shoes high help is not ankle, let you wayward to wear. High to help magic shoes, the use of high quality camouflage canvas, color style looks very young Velcro modification is more classic, shoes after the round buckle is also a sense of design, the whole is the feeling of youthful lively girl, with casual wind street Fan full. Black shoes are dirty and wild, painted shoes classic and stylish. Shoes all black, with the shoes on the golden logo is a range of children, simple shoes without losing the feeling of casual, flat white with black upper. Tide full, with the influx of people is so simple.

    2017-05-19 20:22:43
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