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  • Do not be attached to the small white shoes, and this pair is now the net red shoes

    Fashion and good ride, maybe this is a small white shoes can stand firm street shooting industry and has been the biggest reason for the ups and downs of the bar. But recently, regardless of street shooting or catwalk can see such a pair of similar high-heeled but better than high-heeled shoes, that cheap nike sneakers is, cat heels. Whether it is wide leg jeans or retro or straight this pair of shoes are just right, presumably 2017 spring and summer pants is still the main so that this pair of high-heel and then another style is a cat with a cooler, every year Summer sandals are popular models are very different, 2017 is no longer the original flat slippers less kind of dirty feeling, this sandals the style is only a small part of the integration of careless sense

    So comfortable high heels and fashion and wild, you do not come a pair of you! The The way there is a super handsome street shoot, see the small series are heart it Comfortable inside, soft material, suitable for a variety of occasions to wear. Simple uppers, fashionable straps, both the feeling of the British wind, but also fashionable goddess Fan children! Simple and stylish, soft and comfortable, 4 cm high with the high will not be very low, so you feel just right! High-quality fine suede simple and stylish, but also very good care, as long as the wet cloth or Mao sweep gently touch, clean as new! Charm of the pointed, tall fine with, with the temptation to Dunsheng style, easily sketched out the sexy nike shop charming elegant posture. Rhinestone mosaic, delicate solid easy to fall off! Exquisite workmanship, simple cut, human with high design, high-quality non-slip wear at the end! High-grade, not only beautiful, but also to comfort!

    According to ergonomic design to create, delicate touch so that no matter how long you do not feel tired feet. High-end luxury, breathable and comfortable, high-end quality fine workmanship, can make you more sexy, more charming, more high, more stylish, more natural tip fine with high heels: texture looks more gentle and young, it is suitable for Han Fan children Beautiful women, wearing light-colored clothes are very good-looking, pointed design lengthen the foot of the curve, so that the legs look more slender, fine metal cheap nike shoes looks more unique look. Simple and generous, calm and stylish, and the body of the color of a good combination of super-temperament. This high-heeled shoes feet full of charm, the choice of high-quality matte leather texture, feel like praise Wear high-thin beauty! High-heeled shoes: the combination of fashion, fashion and reasonable design of the upper, so that the feet more gorgeous, the nike sale use of comfortable materials inside, so that your feet feel very good foot, rubber non-slip soles, light and flexible, long time Walking will not be tired. Fine with low shoes can exercise the focus to grasp the body balance ability, really let you have the ability to control a pair of shoes, try to stay away from the waterproof platform, a little uneven road, easy to flutter Street.

    2017-04-25 20:12:10
  • Yan value Guards small white shoes, this year you have so many choices

    Everyone and thing are fire after it is controversial. Small white shoes popular is not a year or two, the beginning of the few people interested, to overnight fire all over the net, casually open the subscription number is a small white shoes, and finally was pointing out too bitter bad street, white shoes can be described as fate Who is wrong with those who have trouble? Is the white shoe invented two years ago? nike free run Of course not, before it is no fire, no one said it was out of date. Wearing a small white shoes have been a lot of people, although not now flooded, no one said nike free 5.0 it rotten street. Life is not enough to buy shoes. Small white shoes, that is, white sneaker, every year in the wear A pair of breathing will be upgraded version of the small white shoes, love your love; superb line with lace, double traces more firmly and sturdy, lace design wearing generous; 4cm increase thick bottom, a second piercing big long legs, Q bomb Resistant rubber sole; wild upgrade version of small white shoes, sports fashion, up to people must money, the trend of wild Oh Elastic design, large elastic, elastic design comfortable to wear, for the convenience of life; comfortable non-slip soles, super tough tough wear, folding, cushioning; pure hand black and white nikes string, so that the shoes are not easy to wear more durable; Texture first-class, the thickness is also ordinary double fiber 2 times, more durable, comfortable, more stylish shoes, more grade.

    Super-white fashion half-drag small white shoes, simple wild and comfortable, how to wear the United States have a Fan, black and white classic color super wild, silver is also a good look of a look of accessories; wear the United States and the United States, fashion Wild leather shoes, out of the street; PU leather lazy little white shoes, wear a good street to resolve too much lazy drawbacks, easy to ride easy to wear, simple and practical. Anti-collision shoe heel design, the use of high-quality synthetic leather, shoe-type reinforcement is not easy to deformation, the top of the shoe with high-quality rubber material, both to increase wear resistance and anti-collision, in order to protect our feet; , According to anthropology engineering design, effective protection of the plantar, stable protection of the joint long time wearing a zero burden; classic color of the collision, for your little white shoes add a trace of fashion sense. Super high-quality mesh wrapped shoes inside, comfortable and safe, good sound shock effect; high quality inside, with the foot of the friction reduced to very small, and your feet are very fit; natural PU soles, soft and comfortable, soles perfect Curvature, in line with the human body foot structure, naturally fit feet, comfort is so wayward.

    Waterproof design, soft surface material design, so that feet light and healthy, enjoy the fun of walking freely; waterproof soft surface, lychee pattern made of ultra-fiber material, rain can wear when the rain boots, comfortable waterproof, a shoe and more use; Into, with the ground friction, to prevent slipping; color stitching design, heel at the small tail more cute and lovely, sweet travel, keep the rate of 100%. Stylish and simple style design, atmospheric wild; intimate and convenient design, classic style undefeated classic, anti-kick design, safe escort for your nike outlet movement; comfortable height, put on immediately increased 4cm, elongated calf smooth Curve, in order to achieve the effect of thin; not squeeze the foot of the ultra-comfortable round, after thousands of people try on, hundreds of craftsmen repeatedly adjust the curve, to create a comfortable not crowded round head series.

    2017-04-24 20:16:40
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