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  • Men's shoes of the new alternative ---- fashion Chelsea shoes

    Shoes have a beautiful name, called Chelsea. Often known as the "Duke of shoes" reputation. Chelsea shoes successfully replaced the men's shoes, has become a new generation of shoes pride. Chelsea is the perfect suit suit suit, not only qualified for a variety of formal occasions, it is between the leisure and formal between the free state, it is decided to gallop informal determination. Today, in the autumn gas catalyzed, fashion Chelsea will be interpreted more fiery. The long history of chelsea boots (chelsea boots) had a lot of names, short boots and knight boots, the two most widely known, but also that this classic boots in the Victorian period just appeared, as a special footwear when riding, simple and beautiful , Compact stick feet, coupled with its easy to wear off the iconic elastic side of the design, so Chelsea boots quickly conquered the people who love riding at that time, especially the aristocratic women, became the 1840s when riding the trend of choice. And the Chelsea boots really become a male wardrobe indispensable part of the beginning of the 20th century from the late 50s. At that time, "Morals" (Mods) culture in London popular, young, rich and fashionable "modern" young people on the Chelsea special love, Chelsea boots also experienced changes at this time, the appearance is more fashionable.

    And the famous rock band personally deduct their favorable, so that the Chelsea shoes scenery infinite, and therefore have the phrase "if walking in the King of London Road, and did not wear Chelsea boots, just like no clothes," the famous, and " Modern tribe "gathered in the Chelsea area, Chelsea boots today's name also came from this. Chelsea shoes when buying, pay attention to the shoes to remember too large, because kobe shoes it has a loose band fixed, the best shoes and feet just right. Chelsea boots today's leather selection has smooth leather and matte skin. Chelsea boots in addition to wearing comfortable, its nested design means that you no longer have to fight with the shoelaces. Since the birth of a hundred years Chelsea boots never changed. Whether it is black or brown, it's classic style suitable for any clothing.

    80 years of nikes on sale complex design to guide the fashion circle so far, tired of all this nostalgic fashion people will love like a breeze of the Chelsea boots nike clearance lightweight and meticulous design cheap nike air max from the 60's, for the Italian custom suit. When you want to revisit the young time again, this pair of boots can take you back to the past.

    2017-08-22 19:50:18
  • High heels with short skirts, easily lead to arthritis?

    1. love to wear high heels skirt women are high risk groups of arthritis

    ?A pair black nike shoes of elegant high heels, matched with short skirts stockings, which is the classic image of the office white-collar workers. This dress is giving a full of modern feminine charm of the image. But in the white-collar crowd, wearing short skirts high heels office ladies, but it is high risk groups of arthritis. We all know that high heels for a long time on the feet is a burden. Especially white-collar workers, due to work needs, they have to wear high heels all day long. The original foot has been bear some damage, become more fragile. White collar wearing a short skirt. Feet are not well protected. Especially in winter, many female white-collar workers in order to cheap nike shoes maintain the grace also wear nike air max women short skirts with high heels with. The damage to the foot joints is great. Chill this time will take advantage of Over time, white-collar workers are prone to arthritis.

    2. skirt high heels to nike shox arthritis patients show younger age

    All along, it seems that arthritis is the patent of the elderly, young people do not have arthritis. But in recent years, outpatient treatment of arthritis patients showed a trend of younger. The prevalence of high-heeled skirts, as well as young people work pressure, addicted to the network, lack of exercise, all this is closely related to the young arthritis. Xiaobian found that wearing white skirts of high-heeled white-collar long-sitting office, busy with work, and lack of exercise, and their health care knowledge are too concentrated in how to maintain the skin and body, ignoring the movement to protect the joints of such knowledge. Weekends they often sleep beauty, but did not take some time to exercise. Exercise at least once a week for 30 minutes each time.

    3. arthritis That high heels skirt also do not wear?

    ?Although the high heels to know for a long time easy to get arthritis, the body is not good, but because the work needs, white-collar workers have no way. Some girls feel high heels full of charm, so the foot tired is not the so-called. Since this is the case, high heels skirt or to wear. Then it is best to do something to prevent the occurrence of arthritis. Give you a few strokes. Wear high heels to work MM, usually you can prepare a pair of flat shoes, immediately after work put on. Timely to relax the feet. Whether it is winter or summer, every night with hot water bubble feet, speed up the blood circulation, remove the chill. At the same time to more exercise, Shu Jing active. If you suspect that there is an arthritis, to the regular hospital treatment, consult a professional physician.

    2017-08-21 20:02:01
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