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20-year-old girl likes to wear shoes, do you have?

The spring of the year has arrived, and in the past, the recent rough heels began to sweep up, the streets of all kinds of rough with the shoes endless! Wearing a thick heels of girls look so fashionable, is not some envy it? Do you want to buy yourself a thick heel? Today Xiaobian help you a hand, let you instantly catch up with the fashion trend, become new nike shoes the fashion industry queen Oh, from the four horns of the envy, you deserve it! This rough heels is very tide, from the Korean version of the design version, gold side buckle glittering design is very beautiful! Thick British style is particularly retro fashion, with a strong mature beauty! Temperament wild, whether it is wide leg pants or small pants will give you a different beauty Oh! Thick and thin shoes is very suitable for elegant and mature women, because of its simple version of the type reflects a sexy mature beauty, look competent and noble! Strong and rough design gives you enough sense of security, so you love to walk! Patent leather fabric, comes with luminous effects, sparkling very nike air max charming!

Square head design is very fashionable, keep up with fashion trends, it looks very tide! Retro version of the type of buckle with the design, revealing the instep is very sexy, very art! Slender shoe with a small rough with, very modified foot type, wearing beautiful and comfortable! Small rough with shoes with matte surface design, sexy fashion, a kind of mature charm into them! Double belt buckle design, full of moisture! Classic version of the type is not long feet, with trousers pants or pants can be perfectly hold live Oh! Patent leather design comes with luminous effects very beautiful eyes, so you can not help but be attracted! Ring ankle buckle design, sexy fashion, mature and elegant! Thick with the design comfortable, so you feel the joy of walking, there is no high heels can be the same da nike clearance da da! Non-slip rubber at the end, soft and comfortable, very wearable! Rough with the design, very comfortable, so you feel full of sense of security and comfort! British wind design is nike air max very retro art, step on the ground is very feel, very elegant and very atmospheric! Hardware button design is very delicate never fade wear and tear increase the texture of the shoes! Quality pu give you the most intimate feeling!