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2017 boots to wear skills, beautiful times!

Autumn and winter season will buy a single product is the boots. With the development of fashion, boots elements tend to be diversified, from the ankle barefoot boots knee boots, different styles with a lot of hot popular boots, you really know how to match it? Hope that small cute in the kobe 11 resistance to the cold at the same nike trainers time, can also wear was thin and stylish, to find their own boots Oh ~ Chelsea boots originated in the British Victorian equestrian activities prevailing period, said the first wearing a Chelsea boots is the Queen Victoria , After the legendary band the Beatles often wear in the show, so fame, characterized by pointed lace, slowly Chelsea boots fashion elements are more and more. Knee boots can be regarded as the most beloved symbol of boots, no matter what kind of style and knee boots combined, you can distribute an irresistible sexy atmosphere. Very suitable for short skirts, shorts, windbreaker, highlighting a wonderful fashion sense If the Chelsea boots are graceful British gentleman, that Martin boots is the blood of the street tough guy. The first German production of military shoes, so Martin boots and handsome stiffness is inseparable, even after the vicissitudes of life, become very old, still cool.

American style rich boots, so you immediately think of the way the western cowboy riding, handsome tough boots can cover the calf of the meat, the most classic brown, modern fusion of many elements, rivets, tassels, lace, etc., so that fashion boots upupup The Stretch with knee boots. Said the boots for long legs girl, this rough with the design of the knee boots, legs are not long sister wear is also very body type, modified calf lines, streamlined design elongated nike store lower body lines, nikes on sale bow and cross straps Design fashion and girls, simple design of the entire cortex without losing elegance. With a short skirt full of feminine. British Martin Big Yellow Boots. Last year's autumn and winter, big yellow boots fashion wave swept the world, of course, this year is still not out of date, yellow boots not only comfortable wear, but also lead a fashion player, wearing a large yellow boots, readily shot is large, Strong, rhubarb boots this is for the mountain, outdoor sports design, so easy to wear and nice yellow boots, quickly start a pair of it.

Retro British bare boots. Choose a pair of jeans with just the right length, the full expose the entire shoe type, generous charming show your boots, rough and bare boots with jeans and skirt are extremely playful, just cover the feet, no blocking the legs line, do not Worry is short. Round head Martin boots. The upper with a white fog wax leather, the background has a layer of white wax, cortical oil wax is very texture of boots, tendon at the end of comfortable wear, this round Martin boots handsome and lovely, honey powder full Full of young women heart, purple gray blue wild pants or short skirts easy to hold live, camel has always been with the coat of the artifact, the color also gave more imagination and creativity. Cylinder knitted wool boots. A variety of airport street shoot, there will be no see that a simple jacket with black jeans, put on high-heeled knitted wool boots, both long legs and thin, knitted boots leg effect is good, not only will not highlight the shortcomings of the legs, Also very thin, with black jeans, legs and ankle boundaries are not obvious natural to elongate stature friends ~