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A man's temperament, the most from the feet to reflect ~

If you want to judge a man is what kind of temperament, the most should see is his feet, because for a man, clothes, pants or something, simple is very good, but the shoes can not sloppy, and a Life of the man, is determined not to lose their feet, together to improve this temperament it ~ very comfortable feet, style quite Western style, the cortex is also very good, very nike air max sale soft, it really is a good piece of skin ah, looks On the grade, the price of this shoe Xiaobian think it is quite reasonable, because this style can wear for a long time Oh ~ Peas shoes is one of the biggest features is quite breathable friends, take a lot of road will not boring sweating, not There are foot smelly situation pull, but also the leather, the skin is very soft and very comfortable, not only soft leather, or soft Oh, put on very temperament that is very fashionable! With a simple day jeans stick bar da! Very British style, the upper body and then with a shirt, flew handsome nike sale do not want ah, my sister said that have said, kneeling in this pair of tassels loose under the shoes of it ~

Casual shoes, where the bar, at first glance seems to be nothing special, but look carefully, the first layer is leather, texture and meticulous, soft to the inside, is the pig skin, cheap nike shoes let the feet more free breathing, classic round, Feet there is a layer of light and bright material, but also sparkling love said.

?Rubber feet of the anti-skid wear, friction and friction, can be in nike shox the smooth friction on the ground ~ ha ha ha ha ha pull far, the girls do not think they seem to have a pair of shoes almost like a le, it can be put on with her boyfriend Couple shoes, go to the streets to abuse the dog it ~ boy Well, maybe the most favorite or a pedal, and directly put on it. Shoes, good quality, exquisite workmanship, version of good-looking, wearing a very comfortable and breathable, suitable for people who love sports wear, no color, although the line is very simple and good look, and cheap, ultra-affordable Oh Mother, the front really bright ah, in the end who is loading! Ah, the original is you, round leather thick bottom British men's shoes, this Zengbo tile tile cortex, really blaze my 24k pure titanium alloy dog ??eye ah! Admire admire

We know that small white shoes is very popular, because it is simple and wild, will not be overwhelming, it will not be obscure, that is, hot cool cool ~ but most of them are small white shoes, male friends, do not you want to have a pair Please, trembling, men's small white shoes ~ introduced so many shoes, shoes, Peas shoes, small white shoes, lazy shoes, round shoes, pointed shoes ... ... how it feels like what is less The Yes, but also a pair of male friends will not refuse the shoes ah! Is a very wild style!