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Autumn and winter beauty shoe awards, warmth and beauty co-exist

A cold autumn and winter a lot of cool are swarmed to pick all kinds of American clothing, but Xiaobian want to say is: when the girls are crazy to buy buy do nike store not forget to choose a pair of beautiful shoes ah , Otherwise your well-dressed style may have to be affected Oh, even more direct collapse of the risk it, so cool, at the foot is also very worthy of attention, in order to save the girls who save time, all kinds of Autumn and winter American football wantonly collected a lot, the scenery at the foot but with Jun reward, well, nonsense to stop, the United States shoes go! Sister in the South may not know what the concept of minus 30 degrees, a word you understand: "dripping into ice!" In such a season, both warm and take into account the fashion of the snow boots is very suitable, and thick inner velvet so that you enjoy the comfort of the cold night snow fluttering beautiful Yo.

Slim jeans + snow boots with the more common in the north, warm inside fluff thermal index of five stars, and lovely snow boots and slightly loose upper body against the background, all of a sudden will highlight the chopsticks legs Out of the gray caution it. Rub color toe + frosted vamp with a bit of their own retro Fan, velvet inside warm warm absolutely to force the heel with rivets and fringes made of decoration, but also added points fashion, warm and stylish, North sister Not fast it will win it! The first layer of leather made of cow bovine surface, bring their first-class quality matte texture, the overall style is relatively simple, only in the upper with a metal lace buckle made embellishment, more fashion sense, which is a lamb hair, Warm + MAX, made a non-slip base treatment, winter wear super ease and beauty.

When entering the autumn and winter, handsome and stylish Martin boots is definitely one of the hottest street single product, the trendy girl who abruptly Martin feet under the tread with a different kind of scenery, or retro or simple or fashion, Have been its interpretation of the most vividly, to a colder winter, the insider plus cashmere Martin boots is still the darling of many US girl. Locomotive wind leather jacket + ride + Slim leggings + Martin boots, I tell you, so wear is handsome to no friends! Some sister must be Tucao: This is not meant to wear cold to the baby! Rest assured, Martin boots inside is velvet, upper body put on a thick coat ok spicy, like this: mint green a Martin boots, stitching inside the villi, eversion of the area is fur, good thermal effect did not Saying, coupled with ultra-correct lace shoes, easy to cool the whole winter. Frosted vamp full texture, pointed style so that the legs look very delicate, black nike shoes boots Maukou a circle around the mouth, with the front of the shoe body delicate bow, cheap nike running shoes very all black nike shoes elegant and beautiful, the inside is not simple Oh, high-quality thick plush for you Experience some winter warmth.