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Banded straps also see straps

Straps, straps, see also straps. air max This year's tie wind, but through the half of the sky, first tie pants, and then girdle, now is the shoes. You can not accept, but it is beautiful, patchwork, rich layers, the key is not cumbersome, it is sexy type. Even with the skirt is not violated. The interpretation of the model is the ultimate sexy, so many tapes, but not much, it seems fine type, of course, still the most sexy. Last year, tassel style we should all remember that this year to upgrade the flowers to do with the two, this is a small version of the ankle at this year's belt is also different, made a lot of changes in the ankle at the more sexy , Looks like a pair of sexy high-heeled sandals Do you think you can only wear a skirt with you, then you look down on this pair of shoes, with a hole in the jeans or pants is also very nice, there are simple suit pants is also You black nike shoes can wear yo. Looking for her thousands of Baidu, suddenly look back, it is in the dim light, the shoes have thousands of style, until the encounter tassel shoes, can read my love mind, enough to make my favorite tassel flat sandals, this is simple shoes Type design, in conjunction with the tassel banding embellishment, nike shox clearance the moment is extremely fine, even in the beautiful clouds, the same easy to help you win the eyes of everyone!

Ma Kailong color, graceful winding, there are two children's cashmere pompon, cute age, shoes tied with a all black nike shoes variety of systems, low help, help, high help. Super super good-looking pair of shoes, especially fairies, with high is also appropriate, straps leisurely legs long and super, like super. Heel is also very unique, not the rules of the heel, features were high. Uppers leather suits and embroidery combination, inside the material is the first layer of pigskin. Romantic color ranch is swaying bohemian style. Elegant Bohemian wind, is the design of the natural beauty. There are plans to have the truth, upgrade the end of the end is more soft, more wearable. Three decades of shoe-making process, portrait to create. Uppers are the first layer of leather, insoles are sheepskin, sheepskin is the advantage of soft, skin-friendly, sweat. Self-opened diamond-level anti-skid wear-resistant outsole. 0.5CM latex pad, feet more soft and comfortable. A pair of shoes, 3 kinds of styles, 6 kinds of wear, cost-effective high. All jewelry are directly worn on the strap, to facilitate different shapes.

Scrub upper, with low heel and in the two options, there are three colors can choose, black, beige, sand color. Shoes are very comfortable to wear! Although it is 8 cm high heel but wearing is not tired, with very light! There will be no loose out of the situation, the tape is very tight, very simple and generous style, the price is affordable!