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Beautiful sandals popular wind collection captive your eyes, piercing your Fan

Summer has come, Qingying and beautiful sandals have to be popular in this nike shoes for sale romantic summer, and must let their toes enjoy the sun and breathable, do not miss the summer after the regret. Can not enter the popular big stage, it depends on the foot of this pair of shoes fashion degree! Sandals style has become increasingly diverse, bright as rainbow in general, the following we come to inventory, this summer several popular styles, there is always a let you heart! Fish mouth element is nearly two years of fashion shoes hot elements, it is the biggest feature of the toes "looming", both with a bit sexy, yet dignified and elegant, especially for some of the front foot a little woman, because wear this Kind of open a small fish mouth of the shoes, feet will be modified so perfect, it is particularly delicate. Plus butterfly embellishment more sweet and lovely! Matsushita shoes is the memory of the last century, and now the bottom of the chop shoes once again lead the show, the models are marching steadily high pace, yes, thick shoes is safe, very easy to wear, but in fact need a pair of long legs to control, which can show thick Shoes emboldened. Comfortable and practical is the characteristics of loose shoes! This year's flat-bottomed sandals family is the most favored to the ultimate T-shaped flat sandals, a few prime color leather string interpretation cheap nike shoes of the entire foot of the beautiful, little details of the change can charm endless, cool enough, comfortable enough, Enough wild, easy with clothing, look fashion tide! A few large diamond decoration on the instep, very sucking.

Rome sandals in recent years shine, because of its wild and can create a different style, by the European and American big coffee favorite! High-heeled Roman shoes sexy and type, this band can be free to tie, can be tied low, heap in the ankle, can also be stretched, in nike air max the visual extension of the legs can be unlimited long ~ every woman has a heart Crystal shoes dream, this shoe is not only very beautiful in the feet, but also very international with children. Usually some second-line star in the red carpet when more than to wear this diamond-based sandals. So summer must choose a diamond sandals. Slope sandals are called "classic". Look at the 1970s old photos, it is not difficult to find the slope heels everywhere, accompanied by the shadow in every girl's feet. This nike store year's nostalgic wave in the interpretation of the shoes is a long absence of wedge shoes re-appearance, wedge heels are high heels, but the wedge heel in front of the foot there is a certain height, if the same height of ordinary high heels and wedge shoes compared, Slope heels are not tired. Summer sandals is one of your essential fashion equipment, whether it is flat or high heel as long as their own are the best, the summer has arrived, and act now!