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Big shoes should wear what shoes? These three shoes can not touch

In fact, if you are big meat feet, then in the selection of shoes, first of all to avoid too narrow shoes. Because too narrow shoes, not only will let the extra fat on the feet from the edge of the overflow; also make your feet very uncomfortable! nike air max What shoes should that big meat should wear? Such a pointed shoes is indeed very beautiful, but also very sexy feminine, but for the meat feet, wide feet of the girls, wearing a squeeze into the pain will appear, perhaps grinding out calluses and blisters Think about it all horrible There is a kind of shoes, big flesh in the summer do not touch! That is shallow mouth of the shoes, because most of the shallow shoes to wear feet, can be shallow to reveal the toe seam, and this shallow nike sneakers shoes will have the risk of fat feet. Really exposed toe seam is really a thin foot of the patent ah! For the big meat for you, although the straps can be modified to a certain extent, your feet, nike free so as to achieve the effect of thin feet, but you wear a tie shoes, we must pay attention to the tightness of the strap, or the It is really embarrassing to get off the meat from the straps. We say that the shoes of the toe seam more obvious your fat feet; then the contrary, this can cover the seam sewing style, it will show your feet even more thin Oh ~

Side deduction single shoes, black low-heeled style that will eh, with metal ring design, update ah chic atmosphere, does not affect the activities, fashion cheap nike basketball shoes and vitality. A Mary Jane shoes, today's popular retro style, Mary Jane shoes widely loved by everyone, the shoes are very classic wild, with pants and skirts, are very fashionable Western style. Shoes with a very popular square head design, upper leather buckle shoes to the overall texture of the protruding, feet were thin, to temperament points. Just right with the high comfort is not tired feet, perfect modified legs. Seemingly simple, in fact, as long as the shoes feel a little change is not the same, and durable shoes, this spring and summer can wear, so the hollow shoes every year must be a pair. Seemingly sexy pair of high-heeled sandals you think you can only wear a skirt with you, then you look down on this pair of shoes, with a hole in the jeans or small pants is also very nice, there are simple suit pants can also Wear it. A strap of sandals, shoes is the angle of the flat bottom of the design, super fashion type, and we will come to the May holiday, quite suitable for oh ~