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Boys over the age of 20, these few shoes or throw it

20 years old In fact, a boy is very important age, in ancient means you really become a man. So at the age of 20, you will need some change, abandon the original student age wearing and aesthetic, to become like an adult. Shoes too flowers will make you look very frivolous, when a man grow up, he needs a little bit stable, and not suitable for the kind of eye-catching shoes. To learn low-key, in the community, the more you want to express themselves, the more likely to be looked down upon others. Do you have trouble with yourself? Student age will not wear no one will blame you out of the community, in the absence of playing time has been wearing a pair of basketball shoes, not only does not look all black nike shoes good, but also look silly feeling. Especially basketball shoes with jeans, a look is very LOW wear, leisure is nike shoes on sale not leisure, sports do not exercise, it is ugly. How long is it grown up? friend. No one would like to have 20 years old still holding a pile of cartoon boys. You are like a long child, but also need someone else to take care of Come up quickly, lose the things that make you look naive, the man later to do the patronage of the family, rather than a pile of cartoons together.

In fact, as long as their own mental maturity, and their own wear what naturally will be decent up. lebron 14 The body has grown up, the brain is not mature, this is not a healthy man, new nike shoes we have to learn to be stable, not publicity, this is the low-key luxury.