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Calf mad long muscle is not wearing high heels, but ~

For women, the existence of high heels can be said to nike store love and hate, as girls standard it, you can match any clothes, highlight the goddess temperament, but wearing too long will make people feel tired, and even let the leg length Muscle leads to the whole leg curve becomes rough ugly, but in fact in daily life is not high heels to make your calf mad long muscle, but the following you do not pay attention but often do things: whether it is summer or winter, can See the young men and women who, in order to follow the trend, the trousers rolled out a charming pull ankle, but this approach will not only because of ankle cold lead to rheumatoid joints problems, nike trainers but also because of increased moisture caused by leg edema, The fact that such a practice applies to running, exercise leg muscles, but applied to walk, because the speed of the slow with the muscles (such as the speed of the body, Of the long taut, easy to produce muscle, with the growth of time, calf muscles will gradually increase

In fact, whether it leads to increased calf muscles, or physical deterioration are associated with heavy taste of eating habits, too heavy nike shoes tastes will lead to body blood becomes sticky, fat metabolism becomes slow, it is easy to make fat into Muscle, and cheap nike running shoes the rate of change will be faster than other ways to cause muscle formation