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Comfortable and wild fisherman shoes, this summer to win small white shoes!

What shoes to say the most summer charm? It must be non-fisherman shoes (Espadrille) must go, it is also a big street fashion magic. Seemingly simple and with it, but full of fashion magic, you can meet a variety of styles with, so that the supermodel actress are very love for her. It is not unreasonable to say that it is so fire. On the strength, you can take the mountain down the sea, take the nike outlet beach, tread the mud, take the championship; on playful, embroidered with fun poached eggs, fat, and so on. Sweet orange, everyone loves it! Speaking of the origin of the fisherman, from the fourteenth century France and Spain at the junction of the Basque region, is a rope made of soles heel, made of canvas shoes, the first to the bottom of the workers to wear The It seems fashion has been civil. The 20th century, 60 years, when the most famous Paris designer Yves nike running shoes Saint Laurent ordered a group of Castaner with straw shoes, a sensation, Grace Kelly Princess is his fans, straw shoes since then become fashion darling. Later improved, it is comfortable and nice and durable, and full of holiday atmosphere, in recent years is to become the French national slippers.

This year the fire over the universe of fisherman shoes, light breathable anti-foot odor, after wearing this air max life do not want to take off, the stars are the people who have it. Xiaobian today to introduce several summer suitable for wearing fisherman shoes, this summer to win a small white shoes to rely on it! Tied with hemp straw slope with fisherman shoes. This pair of shoes in particular modified foot type, and the design of the mattress will make a sense of wearing a more comfortable, in fact, the band can be in accordance with personal preferences may be. A pair of bow tie with fisherman shoes, you can wear out the ever-changing shape! A pedal full of fisherman shoes. The upper is used in the cloth plus Ma, well-ventilated, inside the art of the use of large pieces of floral, looks more stable, the insoles are straw insoles, more comfortable, insole softness belongs to the general, antibacterial sweat, comfort Very nice Oh, more wild suitable for travel shopping. Grassed raindrops thick base fisherman shoes. This kind of thick end of the style of the hemp shoes, because the thickness of the relationship between your height instantly elongated, and in fact this year's hemp shoes are also considered wearing a sense of comfort, so a lot of thick bottom of the hemp shoes are out of ultra-light models. Fat feet grass fisherman shoes. Suitable for foot fat sister paper Kazakhstan, summer fisherman shoes with a trace of lazy, comfortable and easy to travel. Small fairies when you can choose her vacation, shoot the photos will be beautiful and beautiful Oh! Lace skirt linen suede fisherman shoes. That fisherman with lace skirt elements, really like it. So that this is ordinary ordinary fisherman shoes, become more fashionable taste, like a girl's skirt, worn cheap nike basketball shoes on his feet can easily get out of their own pace!