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confidential! 170 the following men how to grow taller?

Height is the hearts of boys can not speak of the pain ah! Especially for the following boys in 170, the height is the pain of Hu breathing, at any time next to the heart of it! In fact, small tide want to tell you that the height of many boys actually do not see you high, the most important thing is that you know how to cover up their own height, such as blowing a little higher hair, fresh and handsome. Wearing a pair of shoes can increase, and others stand together, you can confidently tell him that you 175, no one will be questioned okay? Today, small nike trainers tide machine with you men to see together, those years you have to miss the height to rely on what to make up it! Incidentally teach you some successful nikes on sale men wear shoes on different occasions. Successful men will never be the workplace nike air max women of this world, the men in the workplace to give a feeling of vigorous and resolute, so the suits do not, are put on the dress, do you think with a pair of sports shoes appropriate? The answer is of course the uppercase bold it! A pair of simple with the business shoes is the best choice for men! ,

A pair of rubbing bright rubbing shoes is the best choice for men in the workplace, especially for men under the height of 170, 3.5CM shoes with casually let the men grow 5 cm high (plus the height of the hair), do not Worried about the height of discomfort walking tired feet, heel height of the design is very scientific and reasonable, just do not feel the way to walk. Leather upper breathability is very good, but also very comfortable and soft, hot summer is also more suitable for the upper body color highlight the personality of men, it will not look very nike shoes men old-fashioned it! Simple and pure color design more professional sense, it seems more men neat and free and easy. Successful men should shape their own taste, for a successful men. Casual occasions to highlight the taste, therefore, does not mean that casual occasions can wantonly slovenly it! But should pay attention to detail. A pair of short answer casual shoes is a good choice for men! Summer should let the feet through the air, especially in the casual occasion, this casual shoes not only fabric comfort, permeability is also very good, the summer is also relatively refreshing. Simple version of the sandals more than a bit more elegant and stable, more comfortable than the business shoes and affinity. Rubber soles are very comfortable, very soft, walking is not tired feet, soles designed for the granular, non-slip effect is very good! Soles thicker, men are very high after the wear, very upright Oh!

Shoes and pants with the combination. The reason why successful men will give people an elegant, delicate feeling, not just because the success of men from the inside out of the kind of self-confidence, most or because the success of men than others spend more time, men can Choose the limited clothing, but the shoes are not monotonous, not the same shoes with different pants will be more feeling. For example, in the choice of color, the general fine men are shoes and pants with the color, the choice of pants, pencil pants directly with flat shoes, casual straight pants with thick shoes shoes. Many men in the leisure occasion in order to avoid minefields, many people will choose a casual boat shoes, casual wear wild. Peas shoes is a casual men's shoes, this year is very popular style, simple version of the type and comfortable uppers wild models. The body itself is relatively light, very comfortable, rubber soles super soft, shock anti-slippery effect is also great, not tired foot Oh! Uppers with flexible leather, comfortable and breathable, stretch is also relatively large, whether it is more fat feet are more suitable for boys Oh! Soles have a high effect Oh! In addition to Peas shoes outside lazy pedal also popular men welcome, foam material soles so that men quietly in the long, but the shoes are not heavy Oh! Shoes are light, not tired feet walking, the design of the two bars around the highlights of the vitality of men, very fashionable, but also flexible, foot fat men do not have to worry about not wear into. Simple version of the type as long as the casual clothing can match Oh!

A pair of shoes can not only highlight the success of the quality of men, but also allow men to increase, giving a sense of dignity, in the workplace this sense of dignity is very heavy, so the following men do not have the advantage of men men, Not only to learn to match the shoes, but also know how to use shoes to make themselves higher, remember to keep it secret! Men, small tide can only tell you Oh!