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Do you wear shoes when you are exercising? Teach you a few selection of sports shoes skills

Pick a pair nike shoes on sale of fit shoes can allow us to reduce the damage to the foot during exercise, but also can effectively improve the efficiency of activities. Buy sports shoes first to combine the functional footwear on the market to carry out the most simple is based on different forms of movement to distinguish between our daily life, the ball sports for the use of the largest range of sports shoes. Basketball: Basketball shoes are often sturdy and cushioning performance due to the vertical jump and the movement of the left and right sides of the basketball black nike shoes shoes, and the outer side of the basketball shoe sole wall is usually highlighted to prevent sprained ankles during the emergency stop. The use of shock material can enhance the athlete's durability and spring force; soles of the water wave pattern can provide a good stop, start and turn the friction of the turn, so as to improve the athletes in the process of stability and control. At the same time basketball shoes are usually used to help the high, not to warm or appearance domineering, purely because the high help design can increase the ability of shoes and feet at the same time effectively protect the ankle injury. Tennis: tennis generally need feet in all nike free 5.0 directions fast moving, and the movement of the forefoot is particularly high, so the general shoe soles wide, more flat, a sense of stability. The upper is usually made of leather or leather and nylon mesh, so that it can be more closely fit the foot, the soles have a vertical water ripple design, thereby enhancing the horizontal movement of the speed and slip effect. Everyone in the purchase of tennis shoes must pay attention to see the upper leather material leather the best, sole pattern must be vertical distribution.

Badminton black nike shoes shoes and tennis shoes soles close to the structure, the upper use of mesh and leather material mix and match, this can provide a good breathability. Football: soles have rubber nails or nails, vamps usually use kangaroo skin or skin, the process of the upper vamps have a good sense of the ball, we must pay attention to the selection of football shoes to see the use of upper materials What kind of material. Sole is usually covered with rubber nails, professional soccer shoes soles are removable nails, for different venues to replace, in order to better ensure excellent performance of shoes.