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Driver "will not wear shoes" will be fined?

Due to the driver "will not wear shoes" caused by traffic accidents, often see the newspaper! Wearing high heels, thick shoes, slippers, boots or bare feet to drive, usually a lot cheap nike shoes of drivers feel nothing, in fact, such as the real emergency situation, the trouble may be big, wear these non-standard shoes to drive, step on the clutch and throttle, Brake when the hard, prone to bias, there is no real step on, or even tread the situation, resulting in slippery, which led to the accident! Driving shoes to nike outlet store be standardized, otherwise seriously affect traffic safety. It is recommended to wear slippers or high heels and other out of the driver, you can prepare a pair of suitable for driving the flat shoes to stay in the car, ready to drive when put on. Of course, the best to prepare a pair of nike discount store professional driving shoes on the better!

With the multiplication of the number of car owners, and the improvement of security awareness, the market running shoes came into being, and quietly popular up, by more and more consumers love and chase! Which Zhongshan City, Ji Shoe footwear sales of leisure driving shoes, since listing, it is loved by the majority of customers! It is made of lightweight, non-slip, breathable, soft, comfortable, sticky feet, strong, safe, healthy and stylish. It can effectively reduce the driving ability. The degree of leg fatigue, increase leg flexibility, so nike clearance store that the driving process more comfortable, safe and comfortable, enjoy the fun of driving.