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Early spring outing, a pair of single shoes beautiful height!

To say that out, perhaps a little thick Martin boots are not suitable, a pair of simple shoes is the most suitable, the mirror and lightweight, very suitable for taking pictures, wearing a small skirt can show vitality, the style is also very selective. Of course, there are slightest coolness in early spring, the nike shox best sisters wear leg warmers Oh, both warm and beautiful, wearing the same shoes as a great shoe, beauty sister, is not the heart it, and quickly come together for the beauty of early spring Get ready! A very simple shoes with a small personality, the upper is stitched leather, very texture, the color is a little red wine, very retro tone, the upper also did some pattern processing is very good, can wear in early spring , Afraid of cold sister can add a insole fight color is the biggest bright spot, gray, gray, dark gray blue, the effect of the three colors are not chaos, it seems harmonious and gentle, very French style , Usually wearing jeans or skirts can be very wild. Use of high quality first layer of leather shoes, delicate touch, the color looks full of texture, while using a small V-mouth kobe 11 design, fashion, inside the soft and comfortable, side with the design, full of retro style. Shallow mouth Roman-style small high heel, stud with rivets design, very personal, insole and inside are soft and comfortable PU fabric, small fine with the design, very feminine, and wool surface design, and with A trace of naughty, very cute. Upper thin and flexible, feels very soft, waterproof and good performance at the same time, great flexibility, the body of the shoe nike shox is very smooth, very noble look of the diamond shoes, very good with clothes. Quite a special, although the use of all-black design, but no sense of old-fashioned, but feel very advanced, very retro lace upper feeling, but also for this added a trace of the girl's temperament, it is wild .

In the early spring your shoe will inevitably have a pair of shallow mouth shoes, this suede material to wear will not feel too cold, the whole design of the atmosphere, simple, with the walk will not be uncomfortable, with the Also very high, very good. Online do not want to do the witch shoes, this with thick bulging drums, nike clearance even if you are not accustomed to wearing high heels will not feel uncomfortable, with light and strong fabric, very real, color design Very generous, are based on the wild color, like my sister away!