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Fashion and ankle boots gas field is to wear out

?What kind of shoes do you wear in winter? This is a lot of women's questions, wear ordinary boots, feel counseling, no gas field, how to do it? Black suede cortex, giving an elegant and noble feeling, ankle incision design is very thin, heel will not be high horror, suitable for office women eternal classic can even be called fashion. Casual wild style, simple is not simple, the pursuit of unique, so you different. Shiny bright upper, showing the influx of people different characteristics, walking in the street keep the rate must be two hundred percent.

Unique buckle design, so that boots will not be dull. Small with the nike clearance design, and then elongated leg lines at the same time not too tired, novice sister paper must. Pointed thin boots, is simply a strong woman in the workplace must be a single product, gas field high to break the sky, accompanied by swing tassels, let alone domineering. Very low-key style, simple leather stitching has shown a unique sense of design, like a simple sister paper must not be missed. 10cm heel, may be a bit difficult for some of my sister, but can not stand it nice ah, ankle ornaments are also very Christmas atmosphere. Tassel boots is the hottest single product this year, no one, simple tassels will not be too fancy, but also increase the dynamic, very eye-catching. Thick with the design, you can modify the leg type, so you turn a long leg up to a person, and the walk is also stable and domineering, just hand necessary.

Retro color and ankle boots classic and wild, is the fashion of the first choice of a single product. Want to explode in this winter tide, this single product can not be less.

Women can not only chest and ass sexy, ankle is also very sexy, there are wooden shoes have been attracted to these good?