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Fashion more dazzling, Martin boots high street full of cool

Deal with the cold winter, clothes pants can be added some thick, but also can not ignore the feelings of the feet Oh. A pair of classic high-help Martin boots may be able to give your feet a warm experience. With the right, walk the streets fashionable and dazzling, so you cool full. With a bit retro taste of this black to help Martin boots, the nike clearance choice is the first layer of leather material cut stitching, thick rubber outsole and toe one molding, played a good anti-collision effect, effectively protect the toes. Preferably anti-velvet polished leather, polished by high temperature so that the texture is more retro color, nike shox clearance into the camouflage color dotted, tough handsome style filling, high elastic honeycomb insoles, soft and comfortable cushioning shock, always care of the feet. High-purity rubber soles, good friction and wear resistance, bring comfortable to wear. High quality leather upper, delicate texture so that each side of the boots have a glossy texture, suitable for your identity without losing your taste. Pig skin inside, with softness and permeability, the brand independently developed rubber outsole, before the waterproof platform, after 3cm higher layer not only wear anti-skid, but also increase the weapon.

Simple British leisure Fan tooling Martin boots, high-quality leather shoes from the velvet, through the process of coloring, creating a retro fashion visual sense. Accompanied by high quality shoelace embellishment, wearing comfortable. Thicker soles using high-quality tendon material, strong wear resistance outstanding. Outdoor tooling boots, selected anti-fur leather, pores clearly visible, delicate texture of nature, excellent toughness nike shoes resistant wear grade. Round design tailored elegant and comfortable, classic shoelace buckle, closed and easy to loose, so wear more convenient, wear rubber outsole, non-slip pattern design to ensure more comfortable walking. The upper use of leather stitching, clear and uniform texture foot feeling soft, distributed natural soft real texture, personalized Velcro instead of lace design, wear off the convenience of practical type, pig skin inside the package, feet smooth and delicate, soft texture protection Feet, high-quality wear-resistant rubber at the end, wear-resistant folding, comfortable anti-skid nike store shock effect.