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Fashion new favorite cat heels, give you one-third of the charming seven elegant

Every nike factory store girl has a high heels complex, whether tall or small are tall, slender, two meters both visual sense of the long legs is not a problem. High heels and dress is an excellent partner, swaying, step by step lotus, ladies new nike shoes gentle temperament is reflected. Of course, as a wild to share, high heels can do with a lot of. Kitten Heels (Kitten Heels) refers to the height nike store of 3-5 cm pointed thin shoes, because of its small and exquisite fine like a kitten tiptoe named, originated in the 1950s, the United States, it is known as To the 13-year-old girl to transition to wear higher shoes and design training shoes.

Comfortable tie farewell feet feet, farewell not with the feet, soles of the beautiful combination of curvature of the soft inside, walking is not tired feet, light and sound. Light beige color design, with an irresistible fashion attraction, interpretation of women's unique charm and elegance. Selected high-quality sheep anti-leather production, rubber soles unique texture and wear-resistant non-slip, bare color is closer to the skin color and fashionable pointed design more significant thin legs long, put on temperament naturally there will be. Selection of high quality sheep suede, delicate and breathable and comfortable leather light and strong, beautiful shoe design, curved design more in line with the characteristics of women's footsteps, do not wear feet, comfortable walking. The upper soft and flexible, full texture and crisp, strong tensile is not easy to deformation, soles are high-quality tendon at the end, wear-resistant curve of strong, exquisite non-slip design, so you can rest assured that walking, heel design, Live on the ground nike shop to maintain balance of feet, lace-type design can set off the beautiful foot type and the overall temperament.