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Flat shoes have ladies like gentle and has a comfortable foot feeling

For those who do not love high heels, flat shoes is love! Not only elegant style, appearance and practical both, but also often continue to introduce a new design, has become a lot of women to work nike store and take the lead in the street. Because my feet are small, so this flat shoes generally missed with me, can only wear a strap style ~ here have to mention my calf has a small muscle thing, like my kind of leg in the selection of flat Shoes, when the time will try to choose some with the style, so you can stretch the legs, in the visual there is the role of long legs. I often feel that when they wear more plain when you need to use a special single product as a decoration, such as a pair of Leopard flat shoes, low-key highlights the sexy taste. Ming Yan Tian talk, elegant Smart charm. Fashion beautiful color, to create a comfortable and natural corridor, decorated in the following metal buckle leisurely embellishment, it is so dazzling and moving, driving the entire shoes of the Smart atmosphere. With a casual and clear concept, to catch the trend of fashion imprint, such a single product, enough to wake up the elegance of women and charm sexy side.

If you are a long leg MM ~ that congratulations you! You can use flat shoes to wear a dress! Like this person is not tall people (crying) so easy to wear it is short legs, but! I secretly tell you a small nike store way, that is, with a flat shoes with short skirts when the choice of high waist style, so you can make the lower body looks better! Classic pointed with patent leather design, gentle art, art and elegance into one, very wild. Feet back with buckle design, easy to adjust the tightness of the shoes, give your feet comfortable choice. Portable rear zipper design for easy wear off. Many nike trainers people feel that wearing a pair of shoes with a sharp leg of the risk, indeed, if you tie the wrong choice of style, there is this risk. For the legs are not slender girls, the strap can not choose higher than the height of the ankle, or cut off the leg cut length, only the whole person will look like a few centimeters on a short! So for most people, the best position of the straps is to the ankle.

Import the first layer of leather, with good durability and excellent ventilation, so that your feet free breathing. Shoes elegant lace design, soft and comfortable, doubled fashion sense, it is low-key luxury, free heart. Drawing silk diamond heel design, the strong profile will become soft and beautiful, effectively reduce the actual height, so that foot feel more comfortable. If the minimalist dress is too light taste, then this bell-shaped pullover in the simple shape and color of the increase in the highlights, coupled with tie flat shoes, so that the overall look will not be too monotonous. The first layer of leather to help face, cross strap design, both simple and not too monotonous, can be simple with a long skirt or skirt is very good. In recent nike running shoes years the popular ballet shoes style, long straps, narrow square head, wearing elegant and charming. Followed by the use of round bottom with the design, force area, effectively reduce footsteps fatigue, even shopping all day is not tired, reference to ergonomic, promote blood circulation, comfortable and healthier. As long as we remember, when the upper body with a simple monotonous time, we must use a pair of bright shoes to enhance the overall shape of the fashion sense! This will not give people too tasteless feeling.