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Grass cat heels, summer light toes like a cat as elegant

This year, spring and summer fashion week not only fire print dress, but also with fire cat heels. This pair from the 50's began to popular classic models, not only Audrey Hepburn's favorite, it also has a long list of loyal fans, from Princess Kate to Clooney, are in love with this pair of 3 to 5 cm single Goods. Cat heel shoes between the flat shoes and high heels, commonly known as a pair of high heels can be worn, the length of 3-5 cm between, so even if it is running it can be very elegant to run, it also exudes a girl, Light sexy, neutral and other temperament, no wonder constantly planting grass! Leopard, the word is always full of wild impression, whether it is clothing or shoes can make the overall impression of wild and cheap nikes uninhibited, so Leopard is a full of feminine characteristics of the elements, with a small area of ??shoes to point Bright overall image is also not a choice, of course, sheep skin inside, wear up to avoid the embarrassment of foot odor.

Candy color smooth, bright cheap nike sneakers colors are the youth of each girl, publicity personality. Girl and high heels tacit understanding lies in its height, the height of the cat heel just right, wear it without prejudice to your lively action behavior. The love of metal color is so deep, the combination of popular metallic color with the elegant cat, showing the temperament is a bit retro and publicity, so to show off the metal color and temperament cat with the combination of everything so harmonious, with work in the dress Is so elegant, and daily life with trousers rolled up trousers, but also enough fashion. For the overall color if you feel dull, then choose a bright color of the shoes to embellishment, can enhance the overall sense of vitality, will not feel depressed feeling, of course, pointed and personality with the cheap nike air max design of high-heeled sandals are enough Charm, wear the goddess full. Honestly a pair of shoes to be able to match a variety of styles of clothing will have a higher wear rate, it is worth your money to invest, cat heels is such a wild section, you can match your entire wardrobe of any single nike clearance store product. A kind of shoes is a combination of shoes and sandals, both to reflect the temperament of a single shoe, but also piercing sandals cool feeling, so in addition to the summer wear personality is also comfortable, of course, like this pair of increased cat Heel design, wear high, walking and smooth.

Cat with heels with suit pants show is capable and elegant workplace style, with a soft cat heels do not have high heels so powerful gas field, but it can be close to the people, but also enough to wear on the feet of the tall, straight Suit pants lines to create a perfect visual. Choose the skirt, if you want to fashion point, then you can choose this detachable level design, take a long section of the dress, this skirt tied up, as a lapel can wear like a skirt, as well as Kind of personality level, enough fashionable.