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Heels wear the right way

To pick a good fit your own shoe size. Buy shoes, be sure to buy in the evening to buy. Because of the way to go a day, feet have been propped open, the most suitable test shoes. It is best to wear shoes in the store to walk a few laps, feel the comfort of the nike factory outlet shoes. Buy some foot care stickers. Some high-heeled shoes, you just have no experience when wearing, so far away from the road or the road is not good to go, the shoes will appear grinding foot situation. At this discount nike shoes time it is essential to protect the feet, you can paste the foot care foot in all positions, to keep your feet from harm. Wear high heels to follow the order from low to high. First wear low heels with relatively low, to adapt to a little bit and then increase the heel height. If you wear a particularly high shoes, there will be no walking or Wei feet situation. Steps to lebron james shoes be small. Just started wearing high heels, remember not to take big steps. Must adhere to walk a small step, it will look more elegant and calm. Walk from heel to toe. Heel first ground, and then shift the cheap nike running shoes focus to the forefoot, so walking is more stable, it seems more elegant. If you walk on your toes first, you will feel stiff and hard to balance.

Must walk straight. Toes pointing straight in front of one foot, after falling to the other foot in front of. Correct walking posture. Chest, looked up, abdomen, visual front. The specific requirements of the head and spine were a line, parallel to the ground chin, shoulders naturally on both sides of the body, slightly backward. When walking, legs together, slightly bent knees, pointed toes in front of a small broken step straight line to the correct stance. The heel of one foot rests on the middle of the other foot to form a certain angle.