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High heels injury foot, then flat shoes must be very healthy?

Some people say that wearing high heels will hurt the foot, there is a big security risk, urged girls to wear flat shoes, but the flat shoes are really healthy? In fact, not necessarily, the following pairs of flat shoes are also easily injured foot. Some flat shoes soles too thin, feet moment to body weight up to 60% of the heavy pressure in the follow-up, the road to go more, the impact of the upload will cause ankle, knee, hip and waist and other parts of the pain , A long time will be enough to age, and even cause heel pain. Summer favorite flip-flops, both convenient and comfortable, but when wearing a herringbone hand will lift, easily lead to foot tendon fatigue, and even cause foot tendon inflammation, nerve hair and other symptoms, while the flip flops will In virtually change the way to walk. Pointed shoes even more small feet, but also more type, many girls like cheap nike sneakers to wear it, but this sharp-eared shoes on the feet of the injury is very large, toe tip will make the toe parts are together, easy to form the thumb outside Turn, at the same time toe space is relatively small, easy to circulation, easy to multiply bacteria. Not wear hate sky high, then to wear thick soled shoes, both significantly high and comfortable, but it is also easier to hurt than high heels shoes, thick soles will make people leaning forward while losing their body center of gravity, prone to sprained feet Joints, foot bones or ligaments.

In addition to the nike shoes on sale upper material soft plush plush, there is another new friend, called imitation pig Pakistan leather, this has good toughness leather material, feel and look good, wear resistance. Two different texture materials stacked together to create a rich level of appearance, to avoid bloated and monotonous. Handsome Martin boots with the cold winter is known as the best cp, classic round head design, so that toes have a greater space for activity, walk more comfortable, inside with velvet design, winter wear is also very suitable . Pure black simple design, no lebron 13 matter how the winter is very suitable. Vamp kobe 11 leather and woven fabrics spliced ??together, so that the overall sense of more design, but also more stylish type. With a intimacy of a boot, the upper part did not do any major changes, is still delicate and durable PU leather with a casual tie, but in the tube made of intimate elastic fabric, so wear off become more arbitrary, there are Lace sense of the ceremony to go out, or casual with a pedal, look at your mood. Vintage Martin boots, breathable and comfortable, wear non-slip, classic lace design, so that the whole is full of nostalgic British atmosphere, thick with the design of walking more stable, no longer will not worry about the foot injury.