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Hiking Shoes Size Selection Guide How to find the SIZE that is right for you

Hiking shoes are used for long-distance travel, mountaineering, and heavy-duty hiking. These harder walking activities take more than half an hour. The feet start to swell and swell, and when the strength is higher, slight swelling often occurs.

In addition, the test of the feet when the weight is down is very large, and the hiking shoes need a certain degree of looseness so that the feet can move. If the size is just right, or the shoes are tight, the foot will hurt when walking down the mountain for 10 minutes.

Wear hiking boots with medium-thick new nike shoes cotton socks or functional outdoor socks to facilitate perspiration and protection. Should not wear slippery and thin nylon socks.

The number of climbing shoes often has different standards, such as the United States and Europe, where the European number is the same as the number commonly used in China. But even with the same number standard, different shoe sizes will vary. Europe and the United States products are often divided into male and female models, women's shoes are slightly narrower than the male models, female models are often 36-42, male models 39-46. The same is No. 41, or No. 40. The length of female models is slightly larger than that of male models. The difference in the width between men and women has new nike shoes little effect on our use. It is often worn in the men's section of the comparative section. Feet are thin (both men and women) can wear women's funds.

If it is ordinary hiking shoes, especially full leather, must be one to two sizes, if the upper boots on the high altitude, because the outer layer is plastic, will not shrink, we must choose according to the normal size.

Try it on is a king, before trying on your hiking shoes, put on thick socks first (if you don't put both on one foot), put on your hiking shoes and put on your shoes.

Climbing shoes size try-on procedure

1, in the case of not tying shoelaces, the foot to the heel of the hiking shoes, feeling the support of the soles of the foot, in particular, whether there is a reasonable arc at the heel;

2, whether the size of the right and left sides of the hiking shoes is suitable, there can not be too much gap, there should be a larger gap in front of the toe;

3, the foot to the direction of the tip of the climbing shoes, foot roots and heels should have a half-to-two finger gap;

4. Fasten shoelaces, all parts of the foot, ankles, and cheap nike shoes soles of the feet should be reasonably supported, and there should be no space or too tight feeling anywhere;

5, in the hard ground hard to climb hiking shoes toe (do not let the shop owner see, will be distressed), the toes should not top to the tip of the shoe, if it arrives, it shows that the shoes are too small;

6. The next choice is to shorten the fit-in period as much as possible. After tightening the laces, don't be too tight and don't be too tight. The high-top shoes should not be too tight and the tongue should not be too tight. In fact, as long as you select the right size and nike shop shoes are good enough, you may not need to run in.