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How to design the sneaker's shoe sneakers

One, shoe last design:

A pair of elegant and beautiful shoes, in addition to its appearance style, color matching, the most prominent in the shape of the shoes is the beauty of the shoe style. The design of shoe lasts is one of the most important design tasks in the design and manufacture of shoes. There is no new style design for shoes, and there is no popular new design for shoes.

The design principle of shoe last is a three-dimensional three-dimensional space that is stomped on foot. After proper and reasonable correction and design, the irregular three-dimensional space becomes a regular three-dimensional shoe space.

Of course, among other factors that express the aesthetic appearance of the shoes, the quality of the selected materials can also make the shoes look elegant. However, among the conditions that determine the fashion trends of shoes, the most important factor is none other than shoe style.

The shoe lasts in accordance with the human foot physiological function and fits the human foot bone, which is suitable for the characteristics of the Chinese foot. After the sports shoes are molded, they don't lose shape, look good, and have a solid internal structure.

Second, functional design:

(a), various functional designs

1, shock absorption effect:

Refers to the impact of shock absorption when the sole absorbs the foot. For example, air cushions, PU, ??MD, EVA, etc. have a shockproof function, especially the air cushion is generally valued by people. When human feet fall, the impact on the human foot is usually 2 to 3 times that of the human body, especially when bouncing up to 10 times. A good shockproof device can reduce this impact force. The PU air cushion shell contains a certain amount of impact. Gas pressure gas, when the foot falls, it can deform to disperse the impact force to achieve the effect of shock absorption. In order to avoid the damage caused by excessive vibration.

2, reverse the system:

When the athlete turns, turns back, and moves sideways, different parts of the foot will turn in different directions, and motion sprains will easily occur. A device is installed on the inner side of the foot and the arch, etc., with a high-density material to prevent the foot from turning too much inwards during exercise to avoid sprains.

3, energy return

This refers to the ability of the sole to store energy generated by the ground. The moment the foot is about to leave the ground, the sole will return this energy to the foot. Among them, the air cushion is the most obvious. When the foot is on the ground, the foot gives air cushion energy, and the air cushion deforms after being forced. When the person lifts the foot, the air cushion rebounds to the person's foot because of restoring the original shape, that is to say when the person lifts At the feet, the air cushion assists the player with energy bounce, allowing the athlete to run faster and jump higher.

4, fitness

It refers to the design of shoe lasts, the design of the structure (such as upper, bottom stitching, important range of structures, etc.) and the superior retractability of various new high-tech materials (application of four-sided shells and LYCRA (Leica) fabrics) to enable consumers Feeling comfortable and comfortable.

5, bending effect

There are many factors that affect the bending effect of a pair of shoes. The design of the upper, the insole, nike air max the midsole, and the outsole are all affected. The general requirement is that the bending part should be consistent with the bending part of the foot and accord with the principles of exercise physiology and movement mechanics.

6, slip effect

It refers to the slippery effect or grip on the ground surface of the outsole. If the anti-slip effect is insufficient, it will not only result nike factory store in slipping hazard, sports injury, but also affect the user's athletic performance. nike shoes men The anti-slip effect is mainly reflected in the application of the substrate and the design of the sole line. According nike air max to the different movement modes, the setting and design of the anti-slip effect will be adjusted accordingly.

(B), various comfort (COMFORT) structural design

1. Placement support on the inner side of the sole of the foot: A raised support pad is provided at the arch portion of the sports insole to match the arch contour of the sole to achieve support effect and reduce exercise fatigue.

2. Double density insert structure: control or correct foot turnover. A softer insert material is used on the outside of the sole to absorb the shock generated by the heel impacting the ground. The harder material on the inside is used to prevent excessive rotation of the foot and improve stability. There are also harder materials on both sides of the heel in the middle of the insert structure.

3, keep the feet dry and comfortable design and materials:

Sweat-absorbing and sweat-releasing effects: Double-layer separated structure design inside the shoe, application of sponge and sweat guide mesh material.

4. Waterproof effect of shoe materials: the application of high side wall design, high polymer PU material and environment-friendly water-melting glue. Both enhance the firmness of the binding site and facilitate the cleaning effect.

5, breathable effect: through, vent hole design, ultra-fine fibers and a variety of different ventilation design and application of different materials.

6, the structure design has the ventilation, heat insulation, heat conduction, shock absorption, assist and so on.