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How to identify the quality of snow boots good or bad

?Now, more and more people buy snow boots, but many people do not know how to buy good snow boots. Have seen some articles before teaching people to distinguish the quality of snow boots, nike air max sale saying what "a smell two touch three fire." But are not realistic, people are selling shoes, who let you burn it. Moreover, many people now love bubble shop, not to mention the burning, and even touch the root hair are feeling that is not to say, touched, there is no way to smell it yet. Although we can not see the real thing on the Internet, black nike shoes we are not without any means at all, as long as we have a clear picture. We are still able to easily distinguish between a pair of boots is good or bad. See the arc at the all black nike shoes heel at it, a good snow boots are received heel, received the heel, feet will not slip out of boots. There are a lot of poor work boots did not recover after the heel, is a direct slash, so boots, feet are easy to slide out.

Secondly, depends on where the suture, take a look at the wool from the seam exposed, well-made snow boots will not be exposed to the hair. Again, to see is the toe, the snow boots do not work well will like the slope of the road, is a slash down, and good snow boots in the toe there will be a curved. Curved, toe will have room to wear comfortable. The first thing to ask is the material, usually the snow boots have the following materials, fake hair + leather, real wool + leather, domestic fur, Australian fur more than a nike shoes men small method partners get it? Winter and snow boots more with Yo.