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How to match Peas shoes will not cross the big

Peas shoes how to match clothes

Many beautiful and handsome guys like to wear Peas shoes, because Peas shoes are comfortable and stylish. So how do peas shoes match clothes? Peas shoes will not cross the big? Lets come look!

1, Peas shoes + doll collar dress

A loose dress + a flat-bottomed bean-peas shoes, feminine, yet sweet and lovely. And flat style walk comfortable and light, let you leisurely stroll all day, is a good equipment out of the street Oh!

2 pleated skirt + white peas shoes

White or black is a classic unbeaten color, favored by consumers, then this must be to introduce a worthy to start with the white goods beans wild shoes. Rivet design behind the shoes highlights the personality of fashion, with a wave point pleated dress, playful and cute, earn enough to return!

3, pink bean shoes + pink strap skirt

It is indispensable to cut down the straps. If you say that a powdered girl appears in front of you, is it very sweet and dreamy? This pink beanie shoes with pink skirt + hat, sweet girl wind easily fun!

4, Peas shoes + white dress

Xiangxi purple bean shoes wild and leg white, with nike store a white dress, Xianqi pressing, of course, if the white long skirt, you can also a "white" in the end, with a white bean shoes!

Peas shoes will not cross the big

According to most people's wearing experience, Peas shoes will cross the pine and the shoes will become bigger. Therefore, like Peas shoes bought, cheap nike running shoes there are some measures that need nike shop to be taken to make Peas shoes more comfortable to wear. In general, the way to solve the problem of large bean shoes is to use paper towels, insoles, half pad and other items to make the shoes fit more. Peas shoes are basically leather-based, the characteristics of leather according nike running shoes to the shape of the foot and walking posture is the more malleable leather through the pine, natural Peas shoes will lose the original shoe type, is a normal phenomenon!