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How to nike free 5.0 match business casual shoes

First, the upper dust-free.

First of all, the shoe must be clean and the shoes must be oiled every day and wiped repeatedly. Regardless of the brand name of the shoe, if it is "dust" for a long time, naturally it will not give a good impression.

Second, the appropriate size.

The shoes worn on formal occasions must be of the correct size. If you are young, you will surely pinch your feet and blister; if you are too big, you will inevitably not follow the feet. It is extremely unnatural to walk nike free and kick.

Third, the shoes tasteless.

If possible, leather shoes should be changed frequently and grounded, lest their taste be too strong.

Fourth, inexpensive insoles.

When using an insole, make sure that it matches the size of your shoe. Do not make it easy to escape when you walk.

Fifth, dark shoes + white socks are taboo

The socks worn by the shoes are preferably pure cotton and pure wool. Some good-quality blended socks with cotton and wool as the main ingredients nike shoes for sale can also be used. However, it is better not to choose nylon socks and stockings. The socks matched with suits and dress shoes are suitable for dark colors and monochrome, and black is the best. Contrast with the colors of suits and shoes, white socks are taboo. In addition, colored socks, flower socks, or other light-colored socks that are too garish in color, and shiny, shiny socks are not suitable for wearing when wearing leather shoes.

Six, no mud nike shoes sale soles.

Do not forget to clean the soles of your shoes at the same time when cleaning shoes daily. When visiting other people on rainy or snowy days, they must check again whether the soles are dragging before entering the door and take appropriate measures to remove them in time.

Finally, it must be emphasized that wearing leather shoes barefoot is a losing act. Therefore, business men must not do that.