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Leg thigh thick people are suitable for boots? Leg wear thick boots wear Raiders

Now many people say that their legs are very thin, but the black and white nikes thigh is very thick, not nikes on sale suitable to wear boots, wear boots will appear to be very short legs, and will also have their own calf is also very thick, the whole person Looks very bloated feeling. Therefore, the thick legs and thighs people are not suitable for wearing boots, in fact, this view is one-sided, some thin leg thighs thick, but wearing good-looking boots wear, this depends on the individual, have to look at how they match . However, the thin thighs are rarely seen wearing thick boots look better, most people will choose short boots, boots, because better control looks good too. I personally recommend nike outlet calf thick thigh people still wear short boots, because the proportion of short boots can stretch the height, preferably in the boots, there are some of the most suitable high heel five centimeters, wearing high heel boots, can make your thigh , Looks slender, does not seem so thick, so it looks like, calf thighs are fine.

If you wear boots, then you have to choose their own boots, do not wear it again, after the boots, looks thicker thighs, if so, then do not buy. To buy that kind of boots to wear, it nike clearance store appears that his calf, very thin, thigh is also relatively speaking in detail, it would look good and stylish. In fact, everything is not absolute, suitable and unsuitable to have to see the individual, although some people look good in most people, but he also can wear a sense of fashion piercing, not the same taste. So when you try to buy something try, take a look at something unsuitable for themselves, and then come to a conclusion.