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Like street goods 6 kinds of sandals make you fashionable!

Into the summer, shorts shorts skirt has become the fairies of the daily dress, and the streets of the most fashionable fairy who began to wear early in the United States and the United States sandals out swinging it ~ However, if you want to wear sandals, what style is good And the legs are fine? Sandals with a combination of cat and sandals, slightly exposed heel more temperament and intellectual, with high-heeled shoes elegant and decent, and do not have to bear the pain of high heels torture, light smart cat with sandals more than a few summer shoes one. Sandals in this year there nike factory store are new changes in this year's tie with thicker and tied the position of the trend of low, thick tie is very suitable for leg nike trainers fleshy fairies, fine tie tied to the ankle will not High pressure Oh ~ in short there are many small details so that fairies have a great surprise.

Sandals are very fine style, small and delicate things always make people feel particularly exquisite. air max Whether it is on the instep or feet bare on the tape, have this thin nike store belt design, rush fashion sense full ~ also dazzling and shiny ~ sandals with the free, are half of the wear half, will not give his feet Big burden, longer walking will not be a problem. Muller sandals have points and with no style. No style is very free and easy, free walking without constraints. With the style will be more atmospheric and very sharp legs fine. Fine with the show was very delicate and mature, rough with the style of walking will be very stable, not accustomed to wearing high heels fairies try. Rough with / slope heels to a certain extent, are to abandon the exquisite sense of high heels, to seek more of some of the comfort. This year's rough heel pattern is also a lot, heel more than a lot of design, there is a high sense of existence. With the same, and the same high heels is not very pick, to improve the function of the leg lines are also very attractive ~ with a fairy,

Has been Tucao thick soled shoes, designers are still once again let them popular. The biggest advantage of thick shoes is to meet the increase in the height of the fairies, but also to meet the comfort, as we think it looks good or ridiculous, Xiaobian feel really look at the individual ah!