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Look for these shoes, enough for you to wear a lifetime!

Here is not what fashion is what to wear what, but in the existing clothing to play to imagine, so that a pair of clothes or a pair of shoes have more weight. Today we talk about the eternal classic ten pairs of shoes, to understand their life and personality, as you create a good fashion style partner ~ pointed high heels is every brand every season will be out of the style, is the most high heels and traditional The style. Pointed high heels can almost and all the clothes with, let you upright posture at the same time bring you unprecedented courage, is to enhance the texture of the weapon! Fine high-heeled birth in the 1950s of Italy, its appearance completely changed the female fashion profile, so that women nike shoes began to pay attention to their walking posture. As a fashion a single product, fine high heels can always evoke people's love complex knives pointed high heels is every woman's shoe in the essential section, although its nike discount store comfort is not high, but prepare a pair of important occasions wrong! Need to pay attention to is wearing a high heels to walk when the knees are bent on the attitude, slow down every step to black and white nikes stabilize, and more practice can go calmly.

Ballet shoes, although not as fine as high heels as an instant to enhance the gas field, but it conveys the elegant temperament makes it a well-deserved fashion single product. Ballet shoes from the stage to the daily life, due to comfort, wild, easy to carry, to create a comfortable and comfortable look of a good helper ~ rubber shoes canvas shoes designed for engaging in sports activities. Recently popular small white shoes is a deformation of the rubber canvas shoes, this shoe is full of lively, youthful style, with a variety of wear style echoes. Canvas shoes is easy to create easy, casual look, free to take a pair of jeans, T-shirt can be refreshing to go out.

Each female star has more than one wearing a word with sandals look, whether it is with a dress or trousers, the word with sandals can be perfectly hold live. While the thin strip will not destroy the legs of the lines, but to maximize the exposed feet of the skin, easy to build big legs ~ black and nude color of the word with a few sandals taboo, are closed eyes are not wrong style, Metal color with a strong sense of fashion is also a good choice. Martin boots is a strong style of a single product, handsome, neutral are written in the face, Martin boots since the birth of almost no changes in the shoe type, so a pair of investment at any time out to wear will not be outdated. Frankly speaking, Martin boots is not the impression that the conventional classic single product, boldly try to casual shoes, high heels replaced Martin boots, you will find nike shox clearance yourself new. Martin boots with no taboo! You think you are wearing a good look in the shoes into Martin boots, you will find not only not violate, but more exciting than before ~