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No wonder sometimes the foot so smelly, the original is wearing the wrong shoes!

The soles of the feet is a sweating environment, the average per square centimeter has more than 600 sweat glands, more than the black nike shoes other parts of the body 2 to 4 times. So when the shoes improper, poor ventilation and ventilation, in addition to high water content will occur, the skin surface PH value will change, the formation of wet environment caused by a large number of bacteria within the bacteria fungi breeding, and ultimately lead to foot odor. Where the F sauce for the unfortunate infection of beriberi baby who science popular what kind of shoes breathable, what kind of shoes is best not to touch! Small shoes had a breathtaking effect is not very good, easy to sweat the baby to buy when you must think twice Although the school wind small shoes look good, but the confined space will make the feet very uncomfortable, sweat glands will be blocked because it is difficult to work properly. If it is not fit the college wind small shoes baby can try this small shoes ankle openings larger breathable better, round head full of college wind, with uniforms air max and then appropriate! Each side of the canvas shoes have two exhaust holes, seemingly breathable effect is actually not the case. Canvas This fabric is particularly weak water absorption effect, coupled with the entire closed design, so that the two holes simply not enough to play the effect of breathable. So the baby who choose them also how long a few eyes - this larger opening canvas shoes for sweat more baby, not only in the exhaust has a guarantee, the shape is also very trendy, Small fresh shoe must be a single product, no matter how with the skills, can easily wear small fresh all black nike shoes air

Sneakers should have done is good exhaust, because the movement, the foot will be a lot of perspiration, accidentally make the feet become wet. But now more and more sports shoes only focus on appearance and ignore the requirements for this. Sports shoes as a dark horse in the fashion industry, has been popular for a whole year but the heat diminished, indicating that it not only has a nice design, and then performance is also very good. This shoe shock absorber soles design effect is obvious, and permeability is very good, fashion wear, is the best choice for running shoes Oh Spring shoe inside how can not a pair of small white shoes! The unique point of this shoe is the shoes on the breathable shoes hole, cute and generous, nike clearance store there is a vibrant feeling in the spring, with the hole is the most comfortable experience of cowboy friends ~