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Outdoor sports selected sports shoes

A thousand miles begins with a single step. Equipped with a pair of good shoes is the first condition to enjoy a successful outdoor trip. Outdoor sports is different, should choose the outdoor shoes are also different. In general, outdoor sports shoes can be divided into the following, the athletes can be based on the outdoor sports to be a reasonable choice.

1. Alpine series: also known as heavy hiking boots, designed for the snow-capped mountains, with a strong impact resistance, can be installed crampons, boots to help design is very high, generally more than 20 cm, discount nike shoes boots with hard plastic Or thick leather, sheepskin sewing, lined with warm shoe cover, to adapt to the complex harsh snow, ice, rock mixed terrain.

2. Low mountain series: also known as heavy climbing shoes, soles hard, strong impact, climbing enough support force, upper high 15 cm or more, the use of the target is 6000 meters above sea level peaks, climbing ice Wall or snow and ice mixed rock wall.

3. Through the series: also known as medium-sized hiking shoes, designed for low lebron 14 mountains, canyons, Gobi and other more complex terrain, to adapt to long-distance weight on nike shop foot. Belong to high shoes, upper height is usually 13-15 cm, can effectively protect the ankle. Uppers often use medium thickness of the first layer of leather or leather mixed vamps, than the mountain series, low mountain series of light, flexibility Ye Hao.

4. Walking series: outdoor sports more commonly used varieties. Designed for heavy and medium weight walking on the lighter, suitable for more gentle mountain, jungle, general picnic or camping activities. Shoes design features upper 12 cm below the protection of the ankle structure. The end of the general use of wear-resistant rubber, in the end with microporous foam and double-layer encryption rubber, high-end brand has a large plastic plate mezzanine, a better impact resistance and shock absorption.

5. Hiking series: also known as short to help shoes, the design goal is not load-bearing exercise. Rubber outsole wear, elastic in the end to reduce the impact and pressure, high-grade short shoes will have keel design, effectively prevent the soles deformation, enhance the cheap nike sneakers support force.