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Pick high heels, a few details of the business is not to tell you

Often someone asked what brand of high heels good to wear, the answer to thousands of thousands of people face. Some brand-name brand high heels wearing comfort will be better, but even the same brand, different types of high heels comfortable not the same, let alone the style of it. Moreover, even if the same style, but different brands of high heels comfort is not the same. However, as long as some of the skills to master, you can pick for their own shoes. Now come to learn with Xiao Bian how to choose the right heels to the right!

One: must try on

Inappropriate, see is not see, we must try on. Only to wear in the feet personally feel comfortable, is the right, even if not comfortable and then how to reluctantly no use.

1. Standing in high heels

Many people try to wear high heels is to stand up and take cheap nike running shoes two steps even if, but the best stand for five minutes to see, feel the force of the shoes point.

2. Heel and slope of the arc was 45 degrees

This time is generally more comfortable, because the arc will make your entire foot force evenly. If the curvature of more than 60 degrees, then your forefoot will be very hard.

3. Try to stand straight body, tiptoe

If the whole person can also be raised 2-3 cm up, that you can control this pair of shoes. If you wear it simply can not stand on tiptoe, then the beauty of the shoes also let it!

Second: the size must be appropriate

Look at the size of shoes inappropriate, see walking posture to know. A pair of shoes do not fit, even if the re-brand, you can not let you walk. So, the size of the shoes is really important. Shoes is too small, your feet can not fit the bow of the shoe part of the foot, ranging from grinding feet blistering, heavy is caused by pain and spasm. Too much of the shoes do not with the feet, feet will slide forward, sprain.

Three: heel is not the higher the better

Generally wear high heels is best with high 5-7 cm, this height is the majority of people can control. Especially the daily wear, then this can not only achieve high-heeled shoes to pull the whole body to improve the proportion of lines, will not let you too difficult. To know, whenever forced, are forced. Hate days high as good, walk too hard to go, there is no beauty of the. Xiao Bian also like to wear high heels, but also see other people wear hate days is really beautiful, but wearing really uncomfortable, wearing 5-7 cm to feel just very comfortable.

Four: must pay attention to the location of the heel

Many people feel that high heels heel higher air max and more difficult to wear, with the lower the better wear. This is often the case. But there is another important indicator, is the location of the heel. Heel too rely on the heel can not be a good support for the weight of the body, walking will be so suffer. Therefore, when buying high heels to choose the shoe in the shoe type.

Five: waterproof platform is not the higher the better

Excessive waterproof tables easily lead to wrestling. Because the waterproof platform will let ldquo; road sense rdquo; very obvious, and up and down the stairs and through the uneven road, it is easy to stumble or Wei feet. But it is undeniable that the appropriate waterproof platform does bring a more comfortable feeling, to avoid the angle of the shoe is too steep, can ease the pressure on the forefoot. If you have to choose a waterproof platform, it is best not to exceed 3cm. If there is a waterproof platform shoes, toe slightly Alice a little bit (1cm) will be more comfortable.

Six: soles are also important

Avoid hard plastic or wooden soles, they are not slippery and uncomfortable. Choose rubber or leather soles are smart enough.

Seven: safety first

If you walk your feet out of the shoes, quickly abandon the shoes, you wear it must be very painful.

Wearing high heels, both to the United States and da da, but also safe da. Xiaobian now to give you several high-heeled shoes, absolutely meet your needs yo!

Slope with high heels good to wear it. This section slope with high heels, 3-5 cm height, it is good to wear, Xiaobian strongly recommended! Featured high quality lacquered leather and rhinestone made of upper, wear soft, give your feet to create a comfortable environment. Vamps on the upper decoration, personalized fashion. A word buckle with high heels, good wear and beautiful. This section of the word buckle with high heels, upper fashion rivet decoration, the use of leather materials, sweet and high quality and pleasant temperament, put on a more charming and elegant. 4.5 cm thick heel, do not wear tired feet yo! Fashionable little tip to wear feet look particularly slender it. Thick with high heels, 7 cm high heel, just right, wearing tired feet, it is comfortable it Word buckle wave pattern design, even more fashionable and elegant. Stylish little pointed design elongated foot type, seconds were long legs. Wear-resistant non-slip soles design, walking is not afraid to slip to yo! Thick with straps high heels, sweet Fan full. Elegant straps, breathable all black nike shoes tip, solid roots, just right of the fashionable, full of personality. Using high-quality sheepskin, feel fine, clear pores, flexible anti-wrinkle. Dimensional square root design, comfortable height, uniform force, so easy to walk freely feet. Pointed high heels are particularly elegant ladies it This section with thick pointed heels, pointed design slender legs, colleagues also show a sexy charm. Thick with the design can bring a woman confident, emitting a mature sexy temptation. Using rubber outsole design, wearing light and comfortable, have a nike shop good softness and flexibility