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Put on flat sandals is the real fashion

How to make themselves cooler, light outside the environment, but the infection is not enough Oh. To be cooler, start with your feet! Girls who wear nike free run sports shoes tend to heat a lot more than sandals, sandals in the summer is also a common type of shoes. Student party wear high heel does not matter, flat sandals also have its unique good-looking place Oh! Style and diverse, to see how you wear it! Metal elements, and the rusty shoes collide with each other, the two fusion shoes always have a sense of rock and roll. Cortical plus metal, giving a restless restlessness, wearing a sense of fashion bursting ah! Word drag the style, to bring you the summer is the cool feeling. Flat slippers style, walking will let the footsteps get relaxed, and suitable for a variety of places, free wild. Rhinestone ornaments shine, especially eye! Shoes are lazy gospel friends, one foot in the board, casually will be able to go out. Three chain with side by side, a small fragrance of the chain of the texture, so that the shoes look tall and forced a lot of black and white regardless of what kind of wear are nike running shoes very temperament Oh! Roman style sandals are always out of date. Strap design is particularly thin, but also gives a very elegant intellectual beauty. No matter with pants, or skirt, are particularly attractive yo ~

Rope and rubber soles of the composition of the shoes, looks very simple, the feeling is wrapped in the feet of the root rope. Simple style with a good dress, black shoes, whether with pants or skirt can wear clothing fashion sense ~ matte material, the advantage is light. Straps of the Roman style, classic and wild. Breathability will be slightly worse than rubber, but for the pursuit of style, quality and comfort of the mushroom cool, enough. Feet thin girls, what wear sandals are no pressure, the more simple shoes can reveal the beautiful feet. This style of shoes with jeans, especially casual casual! The foot pad of the shoes is made of straw, the soles are woven with hemp rope and tendon at the end of the composite, hemp rope and tendon at the end of the combination of the better, there is no open plastic and broken the risk.

Soft shoes, and has a very good foot-type fit, so that walking more comfortable and relaxed. Delicate trendy hand-sewn, highlight the quality at the same time it seems graceful, with full of vitality out of the street. Matsuo shoes at the end, not only can increase, so that the whole person looks higher pick. But also elongate the proportion of the lines of the legs, looks legs long and thin, how to wear a beautiful shoes! Insoles with sheepskin, uppers with leather, the benefits of sheepskin, soft skin, sweat capacity super good! Soles of the diamond pattern is very slippery, walking can be free to friends. The most distinctive is its decorations, tassels and hair ball are particularly creative. Super-slender material, feel smooth, wear it will be comfortable and breathable, not very stuffy. Rubber outsole, especially non-slip wear. Summer monsoon design, fashion sense strong, personality and wild Oh! High temperature of the season, flat sandals really is the best choice for you to travel. After a day of runaway, the feet will not hurt, breathable and sweat, feet will cheap nike basketball shoes not be very uncomfortable. Second, the value is also high, enough fashion fashion it!