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Seasonally, these shoes how maintenance is correct?

1, leather shoes

A. First, with a paper towel to brush the entire surface of the nike free 5.0 kobe 11 shoes, brush off nike factory store the dust. And then use the soft cheap nike shoes nike basketball shoes cloth (can repeatedly use the white mask cloth the best, towels will be hair loss) stained with leather cleaner, gently wipe the entire all black nike shoes lebron 14 uppers, focus cheap nike air max on wiping stains. Brush off the cheap nike sneakers dirt, do not use bristles shoes brush, and nike shoes sale some dirt dust particles, and the upper friction will damage the cortex.

B. Black shoes with black shoe polish, other shoes please use transparent shoe polish, nike shoes men with cloth or shoe brush evenly coated cheap nikes surface.

C. Wipe the entire upper with a clean cloth and wipe off excess shoe polish.

D. nike free run discount nike shoes With the old newspaper and so on into a lump, stuffed into the shoes of the surface, placed in nike free a cool place, dry. Do not expose, exposure to skin aging nike air max sale and the emergence of small cracks.

Finally, the last shoe polish, the shoes polished.

2, artificial leather shoes

A. With a soft white cloth stained with water, directly to the stains wipe off.

B. Stains can not be wiped off, you can use a special cleaning agent lebron james shoes to clean the skin.

C. When the stain is serious, you can spray a little water in the upper, full wipe. According to experience, nike store artificial nikes on sale leather can be used to wipe more water than leather, more resistant to rub.

D. With the old newspaper and so on into a lump, fill in new nike shoes the shoes, placed in a cool place to dry.

3, hair surface wrinkle genuine leather shoes / velvet face shoes (including snow boots)

A. Brush (old toothbrush best) in front of the stain with the place to carefully brush a few times, nike outlet store the stains first brush off. Can not touch the water, the water will let the short hair and stains together, nike clearance it is difficult to clean.

B. Wipe the shoes as a whole with white cloth.

C. With the old newspaper kneaded into a lump, stuffed into the shoes, on the nike running shoes sun drying about half an hour to 1 hour.

D. With a clean brush air max in accordance with the texture of the leather surface, like nike air max the same black and white nikes direction nike sale to the leather nike shoes on sale surface nike shoes for sale of the short hair flush.

4, cloth + nike discount store leather / fabric + artificial leather nike factory cheap nike shoes outlet sports shoes

A. Can be washed, washed with a special focus on cleaning shoes to brush out the stains. kobe shoes Shoelaces removed, washed separately.

B. With white paper (white insoles do not use the old newspaper, to prevent the newspaper fade) knead into a lump, stuffed into the shoes, placed in a nike sneakers cool place to dry.

C. Stained processed leather, whether or not leather, may be a little nike shox clearance fade, hit the color of the shoes in the wash nike outlet online when the attention nike shox should be from the light-colored dark brush direction. If the first brush dark, and nike air max women then to the light, may be part of the light-colored was stained.

The cheap nike nike trainers running shoes above is a nike clearance black nike shoes store nike shop variety of different materials, shoes, cleaning methods, in addition to these cleaning methods, the daily maintenance of shoes there are the following points to note:

A. Muller shoes are popular, but did not nike discount store step with the design of the shoes, do not step on with. Especially sports shoes, step with easy to break.

B. Shoes (especially vulcanized shoes such rubber use more), do not air max 90 lebron 13 put in the trunk box. The high temperature inside the car will accelerate the aging of the shoes.

C. When drying the shoes, put it in a cool place to dry out the best. Can not use the hair dryer heating dry, do not put nike outlet the sun under a long time exposure, these practices will accelerate the aging shoes.

D. The sale of ordinary shoes, do not always stepped on the oil, including cooking oil, is not enough. Because the soles are usually organic, oil is also organic, similar to the well, the soles are easy to break.

E. Long wear a pair of shoes easy to breed bacteria, to frequently change shoes and socks. After wearing a pair of shoes, itchy feet, please replace this pair of shoes it.