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Shoes care, special leather how to take care?

Today's trendy shoes, with lace, rivets, diamond ornaments, patent leather and other decorations, so that more and more fashion shoes on foot. However, some difficult to take care of the leather, for the pursuit of fashion you stay away. Xiaobian today to teach you some special leather material management methods. "Cashmere leather is a special treated sheepskin leather, should be protected against damp and scratching, as well as corrosive chemical contamination, nike air max sale if the leather wet, dry cloth should be first to absorb moisture, then the natural dry in the shade , To avoid exposure in the sun, or prone to burst or fade phenomenon, affecting the appearance of the surface dust can be sponge or brush gently wipe clean; In case of stains, such as wearing long after the prone to white, air max can be sprayed with the same color of the update Keep it in a dry and cool place when storage, to avoid dampness and sun exposure. "" Do not use hard brush, wipe the surface dust gently with a dry cloth to avoid touching with sharp objects. "" If the dust can be used a clean damp cloth To not drip better) Gently wipe clean, or use a soft cloth wipe clean, can not use brightener or shoe care, will cause the pseudo-coating off or vamp hair vampire; To avoid color fading , The upper may not be exposed for a long time with other leather goods, into the shoe recommended when the individual shoes were stored in separate shoe bags to prevent staining with each other. "" Do not touch with sharp objects, usually should not wear violent lines Walking or exercise .When cleaning with a white or light colored damp cloth to wipe, can not be washed with water .When the normal preservation should be as straight as possible, put stuffing in the shoe, to prevent extrusion or damp deformation. , The snow wet place to wear this shoe so as not to dirty dirty care, and hair easy to fall off; due to special material nike sale is not recommended with hard texture trousers, such as jeans, easy to rub, causing the hair off phenomenon."

This leather is goatskin, the nike shoes men skin surface after the velvet (similar to the cashmere skin) after high temperature, so that the metal film stuck in the suede, the rejection of the metal film thrown even Serve. Maintenance: the skin surface of the metal Membrane, it is not easy to touch benzene, solvent, at the same time this skin suede effect should pay attention to waterproof, such as in case of invasion of water to dry as soon as possible, such as contaminated, can be directly rubbed with a soft velvet can be. "" Use the same amount of the same color high-quality shoes care cream, with a soft cloth evenly, when applied to arc running method evenly spread, place the air to dry naturally for 5 minutes, then wipe with a soft cloth, not too hard, appear Natural gloss can be. "