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Shoes to foot Teach you 3 strokes tame shoes!

As the saying goes, high heels for women like armor as soldiers. But only a woman know that the baby heart bitter, baby foot pain, standing pain, especially the foot of the grinding of the pain can not be said to keep smiling. But not just high heels, Xiaobian recently bought a pair of small white shoes, but also by grinding feet grinding not work. Grinding the end of the grinding results are always unbearable, not the feet are grinding blister is directly broken skin. Then Xiaobian to teach you a few recipe tame do not obey the method of shoes it ~ people most likely to think of the way to solve the grinding foot, but also the easiest to do is paste a Band-Aid. Think of each girl will be deeply understand the new wear a pair of shoes did not wear out, but did not expect to wear feet. So endured foot pain everywhere to find convenience stores or pharmacies and then buy a little Band-Aid, paste the heel after the whole world is not in front of a new look? So sometimes the sister who wear some new shoes for the first time out when you can bring a few pieces of Band-Aid, not the place but in case the grinding of the foot is also very convenient is not it? The baby most of the grinding feet is also thought to paste a Band-Aid, is not thought of one day medical tape can nike factory outlet also save you in the fire and water? Before going out, put your toes in the ring finger and middle finger wrapped with tape, do not have to wrap tight, tied to it, and then even if you wear a pair of thin high-heeled pointed shoes, will be surprised to find that actually big feet The reduction of soreness. Is said to be able to disperse the all black nike shoes pressure, anyway, Xiao Bian measured easy to use Oh!

This method is that every girl can not buy anything can be achieved. New shoes because it has not and their feet to adapt to the grinding, so the most practical and economical way is. Wearing a pair of particularly special thick socks, wearing this pair of new shoes. And then the home of the hair to the maximum file, in the distance from the grinding foot position more than ten centimeters place blowing a 35 minutes. And then wear a few laps at home, then will not wear a foot Oh! Martin boots are short, compared to some of the long boots of the Martin boots to the legs nike factory store do not have more requirements. Even if some of the leg fleshy sister will wear it will be very comfortable. Plus the nike air max cashmere boots will look more Western style, Japanese style will not bad street. Very handsome motorcycle boots friends. Retro dark brown white and show your legs thin, there are thick plush Oh, even cold winter can also wear a warm. With a small skirt or jeans will be very good to see it. Carrefour shoes are very cute, whether it is its cartoon pattern or the shoes above the shiny little sequins. No one is full of girls heart. If you are a girl did not want to wear a pink girl's sister, it is better to try this girl full of dark shoes it ~