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Shoes yellow Washing shoes, an action shoes a new look

Casual shoes has always been our hearts love, especially a variety of styles of small white shoes, how to wear are not tired to wear, but Xiao Bian found some girls are always some white shoes, really want to say ... ... Take off, help nike shox you wash ... ... is not possible! But can nike outlet online tell you, small white shoes, can be washed clean! Wash shoes is actually very simple, shoelaces must be removed, with soap or detergent scrub clean, white and then blisters for a while, then wash, will become ultra-white ~ brush shoes really nothing to pay attention, hard Brush brush, but to ensure that after the stains must be squeezed after a few paper towels, and then wrapped up the shoes, put the sun under the sun.

No matter what the fabric of the shoes, need to like this stuffed the towel to the sun, because the sun to what are the sun, and then the sun on the black ... so, when the shoes were washed with paper towels directly tightly, not only dry Faster, paper air max towels will not be attached and white net. If the shoes have been yellow, you can try to brush with a toothpaste brush Oh ~ soles are very soft a small white shoes, heel is relatively low to look ankle relatively slender, look longer legs, white shoes with black lines to see Up to Europe and the United States Fan.

Red and blue double bars in the past two years has been very popular, giving a youthful and vibrant street sense, regardless of boys and girls can grasp a trend element. Small dirty shoes on the more convenient, do not have to clean, and dirty but also become a fashion, although not accepted, but a lot of fashion icon under the interpretation of, seems to be more and more welcome it ~ is suitable for sports Of a casual shoes, toe slightly tilted nike shoes sale so that we are running or doing fitness are subtracted a lot of resistance, the shoe is relatively thin, very breathable Oh ~ self-carrying a small white shoes, the side of the linear Very stylish, very soft leather is not easy to change the dirty, when cleaning with a toothbrush dip toothpaste gently brush it on the clean slightly ~ simple white shoes are always favored, the more simple the more classic style, the more easy With clothing, whether it is dress or boyfriend pants, no problem ~