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Six dressing skills, to help you handsome plus points and more thin

In the fitness fire, thin is the most beautiful times, if we do not want to pay the membership fee of the gym, let alone spend a few hours to practice the core muscles, then what method looks beautiful lines? Today, Xiao Bian finishing a few thin dressing skills, so you look healthy and thin We have good suggestions, but also welcome to share Oh For the big buttocks Mr. fat, the harem pants is definitely the best advantage, it can easily resolve the entire hypertrophy of the buttocks, manufacturing visual home. But in the match, the upper body to try to choose some self-cultivation nike factory outlet style, or will make the whole body looks very short. Black was thin. I know this sentence you have heard numerous times, but no way, but also to re-mention, because it is true. Believe it or not, the latest issue of fashion magazines will certainly continue to introduce this truth. But why is this? Because it hides all the shadows, no color is no contrast.

Want to use this technique is very simple. Just make sure that the single product on your body is the same saturated black. You will find that the traditional impression of boring jeans is no longer on behalf of dirty, but give you a new inspiration. The extensive use of vertical elements is another little trick. Stripes, zippered pockets, these vertical patterns will guide your eyes up and down to run, helping to form an optical illusion that makes the body look slender and immediately reduce the BMI. Conversely, be sure to avoid the horizontal line, horizontal stripes not only make you look bigger, there will be the illusion of the height of the stump. How to coordinate the upper and lower proportions. If your upper and lower black and white nikes body ratio is not very coordinated, the upper body than the second half came when you can use a jacket, the jacket tied to the waist

Can play a very good balance, this is similar to the role of the belt, split out the upper and lower body of the golden ratio. For the upper body than the lower body to have long Mr. fat can be so wear Oh! You have not thought, cover a little, may be more thin, such as the face of a beard and the like. That men's clothing with a small network to suggest you, start from scratch. The habit of ordinary people is to see people look at the face, first of all you need to find a trusted barber, by adjusting your hair, change your hairline, to create a you never thought of the chin outline, and then repair A handsome beard, visually changing the face. For this spring, the sweater is undoubtedly the biggest highlight. If you still stay in the bloated form of winter, not too hasty to lose weight quickly, this loose sweater can easily help you cover the upper body fat. The more different is the lower body with the choice of a black tights is very necessary, because the upper body because the sweater loose and heavy looks a little short, and then can only rely on tight pants to stretch the lower body curve. nike clearance The sailor collar, round collar, will only make your face look rounder. While a V-neck forms a diagonal, helping to extend your face and upper body. But also to follow the principle, such as to ensure comfortable and spacious, allowing your body to adapt to breathing. Oh yes, please remember: always put your V collar into jeans. why? Was thin thin thin

Loose casual shape can also let Mr. fat out of fat torture Oh! Especially like this choose a loose blue and white t-shirt with gray loose shirt with, to create a light body. While the lower body with the Khaki casual pants and match, a good pair nike free run of the entire shape. Funny black round sunglasses make the whole style more style.