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Small holiday out to play? Comfortable double shoes

To say that the most popular people in the flat shoes is a canvas shoes, and not only comfortable to wear is not easy and wild, the most important thing is the young is right, a simple and simple wear, and then step on a pair This canvas shoes can go out to play. Very classic version of the type, black and white two color, no extra decoration embellishment, very leisure is very wild it And not age restrictions, no matter what age can try, and will eventually fall in love with him, you are not ready to start it? Relative to some into the movement Harajuku or through continuous improvement to meet the different baby's taste of new white shoes, this one shoe will certainly be captured a large number of sister, with small round shape, foot type is naturally wrapped Shaping fine look, followed by inside to do a thick anti-wear pad, cushioning friction, very comfortable. There are black and white two colors, feeling nike factory store white for the usual more gentle wear, and then black is more suitable for cool dress, very comfortable pair of flat shoes, soles are very soft, upper leather is also very soft, wearing will not Smelly feet, with a skirt is also proper it

Can be retro can also cheap nike basketball shoes ladies of a shoe, feeling bright patent leather is very suitable for autumn Oh, with a skirt or pants are very characteristic, texture is very good, that will not feel very cheap, classic popular style you are worth owning The A look very cute very Meng feel it, looks very small feet, round the head is very cute, but also very intimate with a bow tie with a design, a girl to meet your heart Oh, there are three colors Meet your different needs with it. Flat bottom work leisure Peas shoes, the use of soft breathable flannel fabric, sweat nike factory store sweat feet deodorant, nike sneakers soles are used polyurethane soles, light and comfortable, coupled with playful bow decoration, add a sense of design, but also gentle overall dress, plus points. It is cool and canvas style,