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Small legs can not wear boots NO! Length is critical

Autumn and winter of the season, the boots began to walk slightly. Whether it nike sale is boots, boots or boots are a Chung out. For the legs of the girl, of course, do not have to tangle how to wear, but the little legs of the girl, may be troubled slightly. How many girls look at the boots is saliva DC want to try it? Some to the small note point praise Xiao Bian is also considered a small short leg, boots like a long time, this year also intend to try something. In fact, boots are not suitable for small short legs to wear, the key also to see the mix and length. However, before entering the theme, Xiao Bian has a particularly important proposal, that is, in the tube boots remember to remember can not wear, important things to say three times! Because that would only make your legs look shorter. Well, then what is the length of the boots is appropriate? Just had a knee, then just right, but also with the, can not be flat, whether it is rough with, pointed, thick bottom can be, as long as there is no problem with. Do not believe you can try. And then with the choice of dress, skirt, Slim pants with short jacket can be, this will help to extend the role of the proportion of stature, with a very good effect is definitely worth a try. That then Xiaobian give you a few fashion look good boots, very suitable for small short legs wearing Oh!

High boots are special classic type, solid color design is not pick people to wear, and very easy to match. Simple long tube design, with modified legs type effect, perfect to create attractive long legs Oh! With a half nike clearance skirt or long section sweater are OK. Very handsome a knight boots, high tube version of the type of modified legs with the role. Behind the place with a lace in the nike air max form of wear off very easy. High-quality PU material, texture smooth and comfortable. Plus flat design, easy to create a simple fashion effect. Elastic cashmere material, texture is very comfortable and comfortable, wear off a little effortless. Pointed tail with the design, you can make nike running shoes the legs look more slender and generous, coupled with the long version of the plate, easy to use a very fashionable effect, such a boots is absolutely must not. Simple and pure color design, so you feel different from the handsome atmosphere. Behind the buckle design, interpretation of the different effects, breaking the monochrome of pure color. Thick with the thick base of the original color, with a high visual, and wearing it is also very easy. Pointed design, with the role of modified feet, thick with the elements easily show a high effect. Featured high-quality PU material, the layout is particularly smooth, wearing a very relaxed and comfortable Oh! Behind the integration of the lace design, easy to create a stylish atmosphere.

This year is particularly popular a socks boots, using a hit color design, showing an atmosphere effect. Slim version of the type, for the shortcomings of the legs can play a perfect tolerance, no matter what your legs can easily hold live. Especially wild boots, simple solid color, special wild, pointed thick bottom of the design, to create a stylish effect. This year, this black boots particularly popular, you can change a variety of fashionable shape. Long before the short design, full of personality of the atmosphere, breaking the previous monotonous, become rich level of beauty. Knee design, cleverly modified the contours of the legs, to create a slim effect, such a long boots is wild personality.