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Special governance small thick legs, it is the first pair of spring shoes you want to wear!

Spring and summer when the arrival of some people always happy people worry, good body of the girls must also be a variety of beautiful legs ... but the small legs of the girls who break the broken trees? Xiao Bian want to say, wear shoes, we can be gorgeous reversal of inferior! In addition to relying on clothing obscurity, the shoes are cheap nike shoes also can not be ignored with a single product, do not wear flat section, which will make the legs look thicker and shorter, only these high-heeled models, is your Best to take a partner. For solid high-heeled shoes, it is enough wild, but if you can add the upper serpentine texture, more is the modern atmosphere. The whole shoe last design is very delicate, slender fine high heel, the feet on the high, naturally stretched leg lines, leg lines naturally more beautiful. Can not control too high with, in fact, do not have to worry too much, there is always a high degree of fit for you will not wear high heel, such as this one. Simple lines of color splicing, to create the effect of modified lebron james shoes feet, less than 5cm high heel, increased and good to go, you can have two.

Of course, in addition to fine high-heeled, you can still choose thick heel, this will be more secure some, after all, wear high heels is most afraid of dating or important occasions Wei feet these embarrassing things appear. Coupled with the tassel embellishment, the feet are shining. Do not know if you have heard of the glass with, but Xiaobian suddenly attracted by the name, and inexplicable kind of elegant temperament. To see the kind of thing that moment is really like its name, thin with the square with the end of the trust, no longer have to worry about bad walking. To create the goddess Fan children, and sometimes just a pair of high heels to do things, such as this one, even the details of the side are not let go, lace cut, arc feeling, suddenly give a graceful feminine taste. Even the shoes are so exquisite, with a small high-heeled design, elegant and natural go hand in hand.

Able to do so with the strap, in addition to this high heels can no longer find the second paragraph. Xiao Bian more interested in this shallow blue line, but also how suitable for spring and summer with skirt wear? Followed kobe 11 by a bow tie, sweet and elegant nike running shoes fusion, goddess full of taste. Many girls like the atmosphere of Europe and the United States, but suffer their own petite body can not be perfect control, with this fine high-heeled, Europe and the United States is the wind thing. Elegant and pure black, low-key show the atmosphere, followed by a hollowed out with a heel with the combination of comfort on the feet, but also more in line with the taste of Europe and the United States Fan.