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Sports and leisure shoes production process How sports and leisure shoes are produced

The main targets for the consumption of sports and leisure shoes nike store are students and young men and women, regardless of urban and rural areas. Therefore, the consumer target is a large group. Sports and leisure shoes can well meet the characteristics of youth and students in pursuit of fashion, comfort and sports, and cater to their individual development needs, making more than 80% of middle school students wear sports and leisure. Shoes, its market is very broad. What is the production process of sports shoes? How are sports and leisure shoes produced? Sports and leisure shoes have now developed to a very high level. The company's fine workmanship and effective production processes have resulted in a series of exquisite and practical sports shoes. Before being manufactured, there are 15 general steps: market research, design, research and development new products. Proofing sample review sample ordering order review material ordering prenatal trial physical property inspection material storage raw material cutting shoe upper sewing help bottom molding finished packaging finished product storage . From the above production cheap nike sneakers process is not difficult to see, a pair of finished shoes from the order to the finished product shipments, at least through 15 major links, while each link should also carry out the division of labor, up to more than 30 processes.

A shoe is made up of only the vamp material to increase the bottom, it nike shoes for sale will appear dull and dull, in order to make it rich in characteristics, showing different personality characteristics, people in a relatively monotonous leather surface, make a variety of colors, patterns and Modeling, this is the craft. The crafts mainly play a decorative role, which can leave people with a sense cheap nike running shoes of ambiguity, three-dimensionality, metal texture, speed and other good feelings and aesthetic appeal.