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Stiletto tired feet? May wish to try this!

No high heels, how the United States and the United States on the streets? ! But with the easy to catch the gap between the roadside brick ah! Good looking, was high, comfortable not tired ... ... Although many of the requirements, but set so many benefits in one nike air max sale of the shoes or some friends - thick with boots! Square buckle and fish head, high heels and soles, the perfect interpretation of the artistic charm of the line, dedicated to understand the air max taste, temperament get female friends. Selection of the first layer of fine texture soft leather, comfortable and soft, waxed lace, easy off-line, not easy to nikes on sale break. 3.5 cm heel walking such as flat bottom, that light will not be tired feet, the use of wear-resistant rubber sole, comfortable sweat inside, sweet and comfortable style, comfortable and not grinding, simple and casual, shopping travel is not tired, it is suitable for you Beauty daily, shopping, dating, travel Oh. Highly flexible and delicate matte leather, very breathable, natural breathable pores, low profile and steady expression of big-name texture, soft and comfortable rubber sole, excellent toughness, stand up to tens of thousands of quality tests, after many changes the perfect fit last Asian Feet, walking more comfortable, not tired.

Featured sheepskin upper material, upper soft and natural, leather texture clear and delicate, full and crisp texture, wearing comfortable and breathable, strong tensile, wearing more attractive. This section heel design, not only to maintain the balance nike shoes men of both feet, but also firmly grasp the ground, keeping your feet comfortable, showing the female fashion atmosphere.