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Suede shoes dirty do not be afraid to clean only 3 strokes

Suede shoes in Xiaobian it seems, in the winter is warm and stylish a single product. But my sister may find it is not very dusty upper it? So when we decide to dust it even more to take good care of. As the suede easily hide, so be sure to clean the shoes surface of the dust. First with a dry cloth or dry soft brush to wipe the shoes surface dust. Then prepare detergent, vinegar, water, dubbed the solution in accordance with the ratio of 2: 1: 50, dip the solution with a shoe brush (not too much), brushing the upper carefully, dirty foam sucked dry with a tide sponge to prevent Wet shoes. After the basic wash brushing the upper nike shoes with water 1 to 2 times, and finally placed in ventilated place to dry. Retro square head, leg in the visual truncated leg to the eyes, can seem leg length. At the same time increased the toe space, nike discount store comfortable not squeezed. Hit color strap design, accessories square fashion generous. Ballet shoes style, it can be said is retro and charming. High-street single product, soft pigskin internal force, better care. Sweet bowknot, with smooth PU clever fusion, looks playful cute. Can be simple with jeans, any situation can easily manage. After we put the shoes dry for two hours, wait a little dry hair, you need to use a rubber-faced brush in one direction, the hair spread, finishing. Sweep the surface of the dust clean, then apply a thin oil, you can well care suede shoes.

Super good version, was a thin jeans. Slightly straight version of the version is very leg straight, while nine pants version of the shape is self-cultivation. Slightly dark blue wash water color is very wild. Feet with hand-brushed increases the sense of fashion throughout the pants. Our suede shoes wear nikes on sale a long time, the upper will be worn, especially the toe part of the suede will gradually fall, not only affect the aesthetic appearance of shoes, and shoes waterproof will deteriorate. At this time, for small wear and scratches can be properly handled: to ensure that when the suede dry, with scissors to correct the damage, according to the degree of damage to choose the file and sandpaper to be ground, then use a hard brush in the Rest round the place to rotate the brush, so that the upper has more beautiful. A love skirt, very beautiful, very temperament. Pleated skirts, pleated between another hit color, the color of natural gradient, walking is very beautiful romance, three-dimensional pleat from top to bottom is gradually spread from the fine to nike shoes for sale create a feeling of light and elegant, and clever Body grooming, the whole person looks slender.