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Suede soaked in water how to nike air max do teach your daily care methods

Now, there are many beautiful suede shoes on the market, bright colors, nice style, both men and women are very fond of. Although beautiful atmosphere, breathable, wear-resistant, comfortable to wear, but the upper is easy to dirty, not good maintenance. Suede shoes have become nike shoes for sale a fashion, in the street, we can usually see a lot of people wearing suede shoes. Whether it is high-heeled, flat-bottom, sports or leisure, suede, has become a trend. The so-called suede means matte surface or suede. This material is not good to clean, once stained with dirt is also very troublesome. Then I will teach nike store you several daily maintenance methods. nike air max women A pair of shoes wear a long time, it will produce wear and tear. This is particularly noticeable on suede shoes, and particular attention is given to the toe section. In this piece, the surface of the skin will slowly fall off, in addition to affect the beauty of these shoes, but also easy to water. Then this time, we can deal with it. When the suede material on the surface of the shoes is dry and clean, you can make some corrections to the worn places, look at the size and degree of the wear, slowly and slowly rub the sandpaper and the file back and forth, and finally use a Brushed hard brush back and forth in the just-corrected brush to ensure uniform.

When the shoes are dirty, do not rush to rub, because in the process of rubbing, will be more fine dust pressed into the suede crevice, the last can not be cleaned. Therefore, the correct method is when the suede shoes and more dust, you can first keep the upper dry degree, take a little soft toothbrush back and forth to wipe the top of the suede, the dust brush out. If it is more stubborn stains, then add soapy water, rinse with water rinse and dry. But the stain is just normal, with a toothbrush and can not be completely erased, eraser on it. Shoes wet. This situation is more difficult to deal with, the correct approach is to first dry the shoes, dry the process do not pay attention to exposure, do not bake, or you can use a non-lint cloth to suck a suction shoe up the water in the shoes about to dry When using some items to fill the shoes, to prevent deformation. Well, the above is about suede shoes daily care and wet treatment, you will?