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Summer to come, this is the world of sandals

Summer to friends ~ lazy and love the tragedy of the season nike store to, but there is a thing that is worthy of the shoes are high heels have to end, and now the world is the sandals of the new simple letter metal buckle, with skirt shorts shopping to the beach, , Almost wild and stylish rubber soles are very soft at the end, non-slip ~ color is more than no words to say ~ black beige do not say that the same year the same classic is very wild brown brown Oh ~ color to see you BB hobby Friends ~ anyway, I have seven colors are left ~ every day a pair of weeks do not hit color ~ intertwined straps, very personality, more partial ladies some sandals, very good nike trainers match, and the recent hot shoulder Good with ~ 2017 new simple letter metal buckle slippers with skirt shorts shopping to the beach ,,, is simply wild and high value, the staff must be wide shoes adjustable width rubber all black nike shoes soles are very soft ~

Summer new, simple metal buckle, handsome fashion, summer need to prepare a pair of good take thin sandals, always classic black, put on very comfortable Oh ~ look is a pair of simple slippers, but nike running shoes the details and the difficulty of only I know, color, including metal decoration are carefully selected, this is a pair of must not miss the slippers, hot summer, wear slippers what the most comfortable friends.