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There are two kinds of men in the world: wearing sandals and not wearing sandals

Do not know when men's sandals became "controversial" single product. Although there are a handful of people to use it as a weapon, of course, more is "was very dark." In the eyes of many "mature men", "wearing sandals" is a very challenging thing, they stubbornly stick to this "taste of the line of nike air max women defense." Because when the man exposed toes, that painting really some ... could not bear to look straight! Men do not wear sandals recommended the first shoes are: Peas shoes. Because the summer to wear both hold live suits, but also really do not make you feel too hot, walking is also more comfortable. These two Peas shoes design are very classic, is the influx of people must wear a single product. Free with nine pants, the effect is very out of color. Regardless of dress or casual wear, can easily hold live! Fisherman shoes is not just a woman's patent ~ a lot of boys engaged in the work may not need all day suit, that fisherman shoes is an excellent choice ~ cotton, linen and other thin materials will not let your feet have too much burden. And with a T-shirt, shirt is also very simple personality it you deserve to have! Many people say that you feel that wearing sandals low, it is still because you have not encountered like (appropriate) sandals. Xiaobian think this is not a bit reasonable. This black black sandals are very simple and handsome, a handful of pen, it will be with the taste of filling. Full of personality!

Hand-woven Harajuku Roman sandals, looks very unique, it is difficult to control. But always to the greatest extent possible to meet your daily mix. Personality unruly, a variety of colors can be randomly selected with. Unique style makes your charm doubled. Sandals from the design kobe shoes or with the performance point of view, are very out of the challenge. Classic color more set off the whole person's temperament outstanding. With "jeans"? nike clearance no problem! You can keep the gentleman at any time, and not too "with the sex." Selection of high quality leather fine grinding, soft and delicate touch, breathable performance. Italian oil cheap nike shoes side craft, to create a simple and smooth body of the arc body beauty, even more quality. Whether with jeans or casual pants, are not unexpected. Simple and handsome!