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This type of shoes is popular this spring

The most popular kittens and heels in the past two years are absolutely blooming this year! Its height is about 2-5 centimeters, it is very suitable for girls who will not wear high-heeled shoes, and the low height of the heel is also a lot easier to hate the sky, and the modification of the leg lines is not bad. ! Fire is not lazy but also took you last year's style to perfunctory you, it is too hot this shoe, the heat is not refunded this year, the momentum is more fierce than last year, big names out of a lot of more improved features more! Fashion is a cheap nike air max reincarnation. This sentence is right on Mary Jane's shoes. Since its inception at the beginning of the last century, it has undergone several rounds of reincarnation, and 2018 has begun to fire again. Mary Jane has a lace strap on the upper, which is one of the representatives of the elegant and elegant retro style, and it is most suitable for retro elements. Classic round Mary Jane shoes with a pair of retro red or striped white socks, the girl's cute and exquisite show.

Handsome than the ballet shoes, chic than all black nike shoes sports shoes, more comfortable than high-heeled shoes, said Oxford shoes. It has the magic of an artifact that can make your clothes look handsome and retro. Jeans + Oxford shoes, very simple match, looks very comfortable and comfortable, moldy love to wear it. Shoes elegant square head shallow mouth wild leather rough with grandma shoes women to a walk away youth travel, release the mind, whether it is commuting or dating can easily manage, very small feet, such high heels, pointed The element is definitely a single product to wear in spring and summer, simple but without losing flavor, a new round of fashion, very comfortable to wear! To say that black and white nikes this year's hottest shoes must have old shoes, although its appearance is awkward and heavy, but this is its characteristics, full of retro atmosphere, fashion-conscious people know that now there are five in the street lebron 14 shooting ten Is wearing old shoes. In fact, I quite like old shoes, do not look it stupid appearance, in fact, it is still very good with, with a variety of sweaters and jeans are youthful vitality, full of girls sense!