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Tide men wear Cheats, Lok Fu shoes wearing a way

Still think that shoes are wearing too formal? Now shoes are mixed fashion! The hearts of the goddess of your love to ignore? How to attract the favorite sister? In fact, you only need a pair of gas field burst shed shoes just fine. Maybe you will say that the shoes do not have any eggs nike factory store used. It can only say that nike outlet online you did not wear right. Today Xiaobian hand to teach you how to match the shoes in the spring, to attract the goddess is also a small nike factory outlet case. In fact, you usually love to wear the basic models shirt shirt sleeves + casual trousers pants legs, lower body with leather shoes is the primary simple shoes with the way. General you will feel that sports shoes is the standard right, in fact, this is the mix and match. Girls like to wear the men, but also fresh and clean men favor. Easy to wear type, simple shirt + solid color casual pants, it is so simple. You can choose Oxford shirt, feet a pair of carved shoes, very British wind Oh.

If you think the shirt with shoes is too formal, simple pie can choose casual shirt, within the vest or pure T. White T within the ride, you can reveal the details of the hem, simple layering is also cool. If you want the style of the yuppie gentleman, you can choose a very out of nike shop a single product, printing, large area of ??the pattern of the coat, can be shorts can be loaded pants, with any pure color shoes can be, upper body if the color, lower body please choose solid ; And vice versa, should not be spent up and down. "On the long short" principle, suit jacket mix shorts with shoes, sportsman style girl no resistance. Do not think that wearing a suit will be formal, a board of a, mix and match shorts a good sense of layering, rich combination of ways.